Where is Sanditon Filmed?

‘Sanditon’ is based on an unfinished novel of the same name by Jane Austen. The author started work on it in January 1817 but had to stop after eleven chapters, most probably due to her illness. The first eleven chapters of the novel are covered in the first episode of the show itself. After that, the show takes the already developed characters forward.

The plot revolves around the character of Charlotte Heywood. By a chance encounter, she goes to the seaside resort, Sanditon at a time of dramatic change. At first, Heywood is optimistic and excited to explore the beautiful town. However, her excitement is cut down by the cunning and scheming residents of Sanditon.

Like every fictional small town, Sanditon has its fair share of dark secrets as well. Unintentionally, Heywood clashes with a person named Sidney after showing support for his brother, Tom Parker. The story has everything that one would expect from an Austen saga: romance, intrigue, multiple suitors and much more…

Sanditon Filming Locations

One of the charms of watching ‘Sanditon’ is its picturesque setting: the idyllic town that shares its name with the show’s title. The place, in the original Jane Austen novel was inspired by towns such as Worthing, Eastbourne and Bognor Regis. Viewers might be wondering whether Sanditon is an actual place. Well, sadly, it is not. However, if you are wondering where the show was filmed, we have got the answers!

Somerset, UK

The county of Somerset in England was one of the places where the ‘Sanditon’ crew had set up its base. This meant that they could conveniently use several seaside locations for filming ‘Sanditon.’

The coastal town of Clevedon was utilized for filming several scenes taking place near the sea. The Brean Beach in Clevedon stood in as the location for multiple scenes set in the beach of the fictional Sanditon.

Moreover, some of the other beaches used for filming the show include Sand Point and Uphill. Moreover, some of the swimming scenes had also been shot at Marine Lake Beach, Weston-super-Mare. Furthermore, the crew had to use a lot of CGI animation to make the beach scenes look like they belong to the 19th century.

Bristol, UK

Other than Somerset, the crew of ‘Sanditon’ also set up its base in Bristol. The magnificent Sanditon House was actually filmed at Dyrham Park, east of Bristol. The real mansion has a history of its own and boasts of an authentic 17th century aesthetic. This visual style was enhanced by the show when it was filmed in its courtyard, using carriages and other props for the mis-en-scene.

Apart from exterior filming, most of the interior shots of ‘Sanditon’ were actually filmed at The Bottle Yard Studios. It is here that the crew built elaborate sets of the interiors of places like the Sanditon House and Denham Place. As many as five interior studio sets had been built from scratch for the show.

Moreover, a few other historic places were used for filming ‘Sanditon’ as well. These include the Georgian House Museum and New Room Methodist Chapel.

Other Locations

Apart from Bristol and Somerset, multiple other locations in England were also used to film ‘Sanditon.’ For instance, Peto Gardens of the Iford Manor was one of the stunning locations utilized. It was built by the talented architect, Harold Peto and is open to the public. Other than that, West Littleton Church can also be seen on the show.