Sandra Eckert: What Happened to Her? Has She Been Found?

When Sandra Eckert, 70 years old, ceased responding to her daughter’s messages, concern immediately arose. Upon contacting the police, they discovered that Sandra had left home following a disagreement with her husband. While law enforcement initially speculated that Sandra may have left voluntarily, her family harbored doubts. In Paramount+’s ‘Never Seen Again’ episode titled ‘Sandy Eckert- Where’s Mom?’, the police investigation and its resulting conclusions become the focal point of scrutiny.

Sandra Eckert Got Into a Fight With Her Husband Before She Went Missing

Sandra Eckert, a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, enjoyed a vibrant upbringing in the city. Described by friends as determined and independent-minded, she was known for her strong-willed nature and unwavering loyalty to her loved ones. In the early 1980s, Sandra crossed paths with Wes Eckert, a race car driver, whom she had admired after seeing him during one of her excursions.

Their romance blossomed, leading to marriage, and together they formed a blended family in Milwaukee. Wes had a son from a prior relationship and the couple expanded their family further, raising three more children together. Sandra cherished her close-knit community, with her best friend and her husband living nearby, fostering a deep bond that enriched her life. She delighted in doting on her grandchildren, often showering them with sweet treats and toys during her visits.

On March 26, 2021, Sandra and her daughter, Kelsey, engaged in their usual conversation, with nothing seeming amiss. However, the following day, when Kelsey attempted to contact Sandra to invite her to accompany her granddaughter to an Easter Egg Hunt, Sandra did not answer her phone. Initially, she didn’t think much of it, but as she sent pictures of the event to their WhatsApp group and received no response from Sandra by March 27, concern began to grow.

Kelsey contacted her father, Wes, inquiring about her mother’s whereabouts. Wes revealed that on the evening of March 26, he and Sandra had a heated argument regarding finances. He recounted that Sandra had threatened divorce multiple times during the argument. Subsequently, he claimed to have put her to bed. However, upon waking up the next morning, Wes discovered that his car, a dark gray 2005 Dodge Stratus, was absent, along with approximately $10,000 from the house. He said that Sandra’s car was still in the garage but she was nowhere to be found.

Despite being informed that a missing person report typically requires a waiting period of at least 72 hours, Kelsey remained deeply concerned about her mother’s disappearance. On March 28, she took matters into her own hands and went to the police station, insisting that a missing person report be filed immediately. Kelsey emphasized that it was highly unusual for her 70-year-old mother to vanish without a trace, further underscoring her conviction that something was awry.

The Police Are Investigating Sandra Eckert’s Disappearance as a Homicide

Upon police arrival at Sandra Eckert’s residence, Wes Eckert reiterated his earlier account of the argument and Sandra’s subsequent disappearance. Initially, Kelsey Eckert entertained the possibility that her mother might have sought refuge elsewhere to contemplate initiating divorce proceedings. However, upon further reflection, Kelsey found this scenario increasingly implausible. She reasoned that if Sandra required alternative accommodation, she could have sought refuge at either Kelsey’s residence or her best friend’s residence, both of which were conveniently located nearby.

Upon inputting Sandra’s car details into their system, the police discovered sightings of the vehicle in Muskego, Wisconsin. Surveillance footage from the area revealed the car traveling along the roads around 3 a.m. on March 27. However, a significant obstacle emerged as none of the footage provided a clear view of the individual behind the wheel, hampering progress in the investigation.

The police began interviewing individuals close to Sandra and uncovered details that raised suspicions. It became apparent that Sandra and Wes did not have a smooth marriage; they were frequently engaged in arguments. The tensions between them escalated during the COVID-19 lockdown, leading to more frequent fights. Sandra had been contemplating divorce, indicating a significant strain in their relationship.

Sandra’s children also told the police that their father used to often tell them how he would kill their mother. The children said Wes often told them that he would stuff Sandra’s body in a container and drill some holes in it. He would then go on to describe a plan in which he would dump the dobby in a lake so the fish could eat it and the body would decompose. Wes told the story like a joke not only to his children but also to other friends of the family.

Wes, a convicted felon due to a financial crime committed in the 1970s, faced additional legal trouble when he acquired a gun, which he was prohibited from owning. Upon Kelsey’s report, the police took him into custody for questioning and simultaneously executed a search warrant at his residence in his absence. Although cadaver dogs indicated potential areas of interest, suggesting the presence of human remains, a forensic examination of these spots failed to yield any conclusive evidence.

At this stage, Wes began speculating about potential dangers Sandra might have encountered, suggesting that as a woman traveling with a significant sum of money, she could have been targeted by criminals. However, in the documentary, Sandra’s children and friends voiced skepticism about the likelihood of a stranger perpetrating a crime against her. As of 2022, law enforcement authorities have shifted their investigation into Sandra’s disappearance to a homicide inquiry and have identified Wes and his brother Mark Eckert as persons of interest in the case. Despite this development, no charges have been filed due to the lack of concrete evidence or the discovery of Sandra’s remains.

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