Where is Sarah Berkman From Flipping Out Now?

Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’ is a television reality series that focuses on the life of Los Angeles designer Jeff Lewis and his entourage consisting of his assistant Jenni Pulos, his boyfriend and business partner Gage Edward, his sassy housekeeper Zoila Chavez, and several other helpers and assistants, one being his friend and design associate Sarah Berkman. Sarah worked as a part of Jeff Lewis Design between seasons 3 to 5 as Jeff Lewis’ design associate.

Sarah was known for having a charismatic and charming personality and was quite close to Jeff, often helping him make crucial decisions related to work. Sarah did have her fears and reservations, too, some of which were looked into while she appeared on the show. While it’s been quite some time since Sarah’s departure from the show and the show’s wrap-up, fans have been wondering about their favorite design associate’s whereabouts and what she’s been up to these days.

Sarah Berkman’s Flipping Out Journey

The Californian native joined the team at ‘Flipping Out’ in 2009, and within no time, became integral to its handling of clients and work. It was in her second year of stay that she was also simultaneously handling work and trying to balance the preparations for her wedding. To celebrate her upcoming nuptials, Jeff also threw Sarah a lavish bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas, to check off her single life in style. Sarah and Jeff shared a familial bond, and though they had their fair share of disagreements, they managed to settle them amicably.

However, on the professional front, Sarah’s attempts to work out both aspects of her life didn’t go as planned, as Jeff kept reminding her that she needed to sort out her work and priorities or else he would have to make some tough decisions. Her struggle with stress and unhappiness eventually translated to grave professional errors, which were bound to draw repercussions. Jeff was empathetic to Sarah’s plight and he tried giving her chances. He gave her suggestions on dealing with clients, contractors, and work in general, hoping she’d be able to imbibe the suggestions in her everyday work life to bring out plausible results.

However, every suggestion and warning of his bore little fruit, as Sarah couldn’t fix the issues. When the constant forewarnings failed to yield positive results, Sarah’s incompetence got the better of her and Jeff terminated her employment with a heavy heart after she forgot to create a budget for one of their clients. Jeff brought out a file of Sarah’s violations and pointed out that though it wasn’t completely full, he had no choice but to let her go. This led a teary-eyed Sarah to eventually leave the show in the fifth season.

Where is Sarah Berkman Now?

Since her exit from ‘Flipping Out,’ Sarah, a native of Alameda who currently resides in Los Angeles, California chose to focus most of her time on the personal front, especially on spending time with her family and loved ones. While her termination of employment on the show was needed, it wasn’t personal, leading Jeff and Sarah to continue to remain good friends. Contrary to multiple reports and speculations, the truth of the relationship between Jeff Lewis and Sarah Berkman is far from the truth. The California-born Bay area-raised designer is not Jeff Lewis’ sister-in-law, but the sister of his brother’s wife, Carrie Berkman Lewis, who also happens to be Lewis’ realtor, as per the latter’s social media.

Post her reality show stint, she has been working on herself and achieved quite a few personal milestones. Her social media suggests that she found the love of her life in Steven Slater. She’d gotten engaged to Steven in 2010, after being with him since 2000. The much-in-love couple has been together for 23 years and have an adorable little boy named Sydney. While having social media accounts, she’s mostly kept things private, occasionally choosing to show fans a glimpse into her life with her son and husband. While we respect Sarah’s decision to stay away from the public eye and keep things private to focus on her own life, we are happy and glad to see her thriving and enjoying life with her loved ones and only wish the best to her in all her future endeavors.

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