Zoila Chavez: Jeff Lewis’ Housekeeper is Semi-Retired Today

Bravo’s reality television show ‘Flipping Out’ traces the life of Jeff Lewis, a designer based in Los Angeles, California, and his entourage consisting of his executive assistant Jenni, his boyfriend and business manager Gage, and his ‘Director of In-House Operations’ Zoila Chavez, along with several other assistants and helpers. The show ran for 11 seasons, during which time everyone’s favorite housekeeper Zoila managed to win hearts through her quirky chemistry with Jeff.

The two shared a very topsy-turvy relationship throughout the time she was there, especially because Zoila was able to return Jeff’s famous short temper by being equally stubborn and sassy. Despite the ups and downs, the two shared a very wholesome relationship, making their bond a fan favorite. While she retired from her job at Jeff’s in season 10, after being with him for 18 years, fans have been left wondering about her current whereabouts. Worry not cause we’ve got you covered.

Zoila Chavez Garnered Many Fans Due to Her Personality on the Show

A Nicaragua native, Zoila Chavez moved to California and soon started working at Jeff Lewis’ house as a weekly housekeeper which was eventually converted to full-time employment. Within no time, she became an integral clog in the Lewis household, giving Jeff a little pushback now and then to let him know that his temper didn’t intimidate him. While she added a touch of humor to the show and her bickering with Jeff was a major highlight of the series.

In season 9, it was Zoila’s sass that had almost gotten her fired from Jeff’s life before the two made up, and she returned to work part-time in Jeff’s house to help with the baby. As Zoila was like a mother figure to Jeff and eventually became a surrogate grandmother to little Monroe after the little one entered their world, they had a brilliant understanding. However, even though the two shared a very close bond, setting aside their indifferences, Zoila’s exit in the 10th season wasn’t on the friendliest of terms.

She had wanted to retire two years before eventually leaving, but Jeff had convinced her to stick around and help with Jeff and Gage’s newborn baby Monroe and to aid everyone around with the life-altering transition. With the couple hiring and subsequently firing nannies, Zoila’s stay in the house had become difficult. When they did manage to find a nanny suitable to the baby and the house, the nanny quit stating that Zoila was sabotaging her work and purposely making life difficult.

Despite rendering services for so many years the accusation was given cognisance, leaving a fuming and heartbroken Zoila to decide to leave. However, once the anger had subsided a little, Jeff and Zoila were seen in a heart-to-heart discussion where the latter claimed that she was simply tired and wanted to retire. While Jeff did try to convince her to stay by reducing her work days, hoping it’d work like the last time she’d wanted to quit, this time, she was determined to leave, leading Jeff to grudgingly accept her resignation. Her exit left everyone in the Lewis house quite heartbroken, especially Jeff, who had gotten so used to having Zoila around.

Where is Zoila Chavez Now?

The 73-year-old had relocated to the US in 1987 to pursue work, after having raised her three daughters and divorcing her husband. Retiring from her full-time engagement at Jeff Lewis’ house, where she had been working since 1998, Zoila, who is originally from Managua, returned to Nicaragua for a few months, to be with her family, most of whom reside there. With a daughter residing in Koreatown with whom she stays, Zoila prefers to split her time between Los Angeles and Nicaragua.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Zoila talked about his experience working for Jeff Lewis. She said, “I feel like he’s the son I don’t have before, but when I start to work with him I feel like ‘Oh my god, he’s so mean. So mean. But he’s changed. I’m not scared of Jeffrey now.” Though Jeff and Zoila ended their association on a bitter note, the two have since moved on and have become an integral part of each other’s everyday lives.

A painting of Zoila’s was auctioned during the ‘Flipping Out’ reunion, and all the money that the picture made; $10,500, was given to her by Jeff, a gesture that had moved her and made her quite happy. It was in October 2019 that the two reunited over a year after Zoila’s retirement. In conversation with Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,’ Jeff spoke of how he’d been in touch with her in recent times. “Zoila is now back working for me again. She takes care of Monroe on Fridays and Saturdays,” he happily revealed.

While Zoila and her sister Aurora continue to work for Jeff, with the latter having replaced the former at work full-time, she has also worked on focusing on her life. She relishes going on dates and being her funny and lively self. A fan of telenovelas, Zoila is enjoying her retired life with the people she loves and considers closest to her. Despite having social media accounts, she chooses to stay inactive and we respect her decision to keep clear of the public eye. While it seems like Zoila is leading a happy and content life, we couldn’t be happier for her and wish her all the very best in all her future endeavors.

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