Sarah and Telv: Has the MAFS Australian Couple Split?

The Australian television reality series, ‘Married at First Sight’ follows a social experiment wherein experts pair strangers together to see if they’re compatible enough to want to spend the rest of their lives together. In season 5, which aired in 2018, the then 38-year-old beauty specialist Sarah Roza and then 33-year-old machinery technician Telv Williams signed up to test their luck.

On being paired, the two seemed to be the perfect couple, and sparks began to fly from their first meeting. Their equation seemed so good that viewers couldn’t help but root for them to last. Despite the initial hiccups, the pair seemed interested in giving their relationship a chance. So, were Sarah and Telv’s blooming romance able to withstand the test of time, or did the couple go their separate ways once the cameras stopped rolling?

Sarah and Telv’s MAFS Journey Was Filled With Ups and Downs

Right from the moment Melbourne-based Sarah and Perth-based Telv were introduced to each other on their wedding day, the pair seemed like they were meant to be. Their reaction upon seeing each other for the first time had won over every diehard romantic. He couldn’t stop smiling when he saw her and gushed about her being his type. While on honeymoon in Cairns, an emotional Sarah had shared with Telv about her heartbreaking miscarriage of her twins that had occurred 18 months before participating in the show.

Telv’s handling of the situation had left viewers a fan of him. However, soon after, differences began cropping up. In one instance, viewers couldn’t help but question why Sarah chose to get upset over Telv’s use of the popular photo and video-sharing app Snapchat. Then, when she decided to go to Western Australia for his homestay, Sarah began to realize that their lives were worlds apart. Nonetheless, the pair hoped intimacy would help them overlook the conflicts that had just about started to pile up.

The couple’s next big fight was seen right before their big family dinner, where both sides of the family had arrived, but the couple weren’t talking to each other. They’d just about managed to get over it when the big long-distance issue cropped up, leaving Sarah worried about Telv’s commitment to them. Despite the conflicts, neither hesitated to say “I do” at the end of the experiment, leaving fans hopeful for a happily ever after.

Sarah is Working on Herself, While Telv is Now a Full-Time Parent

Though rumors of a split started doing the rounds, Sarah and Telv kept denying them and continued making public appearances and sharing pictures on their social media. However, despite the denial, the couple eventually chose to go their separate ways in March 2019, a few months after the show wrapped up. The split got quite ugly as the pair took constant digs at each other before choosing to appear in court to take out an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against each other to prevent either of them from speaking about the other in public.

Before their appearance in court, there were leaked emails as well that made it evident that the couple was officially done with each other. After the rocky split, the couple seems to be leading happy lives separately. Telv started dating Maddie Carolan, a GHD sales manager, soon after the split. The couple shared loved-up photos on social media but broke up soon after. After some time, he started dating Katie Beever, a Melbourne-based promotional model. Just as the couple was warming up to each other, Telv learned that he was set to become a father for the third time from an ex-girlfriend.

However, a paternity test eventually suggested that the baby wasn’t really his. Despite a few topsy-turvy months with Katie, the couple decided to give their romance a shot. While his social media activity is primarily centered around his kids and himself, he’s kept his relationship status guarded despite occasionally sharing snaps with a mystery woman. Telv now spends most of his time being a hands-on father to his kids, T.J. and Miah, whom he has with another one of his ex-partners, Amy Gowers.

Meanwhile, Sarah chose to stay in the love and support of family and friends so she could heal and grow by embarking on a weight loss journey. She is also the proud owner of a dog named Frankie. In August 2018, the starlet spoke of her journey into motherhood through IVF and shared the happy news with her ardent fans. While there were rumors of Sarah dating fire protection engineer James Stephens, the latter trashed all suggestions and said they were just friends. However, according to her, they were indeed a couple, and James had cheated on her, leading them to separate. Sarah is quite active on social media and is often seen sharing snaps of herself, enjoying the company of family and friends.

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