Sausage Party Foodtopia: Who Flies the Drone? Theories

Prime Video’s animated comedy series ‘Sausage Party: Foodtopia’ ends with Frank choosing himself as the leader and authoritative figure of the community of groceries. He realizes that he cannot let anarchy prevail in his world through the reign of his companions, which will leave the vulnerable beings in unfavorable living conditions. While he establishes his potency with Jack’s help, a mysterious drone appears out of nowhere right above him and his companions. The existence of the device reveals that there are anonymous beings living outside the world Frank builds with Brenda and friends. Their identity and motives may shed light on what’s ahead for the compassionate hotdog! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Mystery Behind the Drone

The drone has to be flown by someone who lives right outside the world of Frank. The living being behind the device can be a human or a grocery. ‘Sausage Party: Foodtopia’ begins with the revelation that an apocalypse initiated by the sentient groceries has wiped out humanity, at least in the nearby region. However, it is possible that the destruction didn’t kill every human being, leaving a few behind alive, as in the case of Jack. If that’s what happened, these humans must have hidden themselves to avoid the deadly wrath of the groceries, realizing that they cannot outnumber the supermarket forces.

After an extended period of hiding, the humans may have felt confident about observing the groceries using drones. Jack’s return to the city alive may have influenced this decision as well. When he first arrives at the place, he is bound and forced to wait for his execution. His “return from death” may have convinced other humans that the groceries are not killing their species as ruthlessly as they did at the start of the apocalypse. These individuals may want to make a decision concerning their future upon finding out whether there is a possibility to co-exist with the groceries by observing them.

If humans are not behind the drone, the ones responsible can be groceries from another supermarket. The rebellion at the start of the series indicates that the war between humans and groceries didn’t happen only at one particular supermarket. Upon witnessing the chaos unleashed by Frank and his friends, food items living in other stores must have fought for their independence in a similar fashion. The way Frank’s companions operate factories makes it clear that groceries can handle technology. Therefore, similar beings can be behind the drone as well.

Friends or Foes?

More than the identity of the mysterious beings behind the drone, it is their intentions that matter the most, as far as Frank and his community are concerned. If the anonymous beings are humans, they may want to exact their revenge against the groceries for killing a considerable share of their species. These humans may also want the world Frank and fellow groceries now inhabit. After the apocalypse, the humans must be struggling to find a place that assures safety and sustenance. Frank’s world guarantees both. Considering how deprived humans are, it will not be a surprise if they are trying to find food through the hidden eyes of the drone.

Even if groceries are behind the device, their intentions can be similar to the motives of humans. These food items can be seeking better living conditions. Frank’s region is divided between the poor and the rich under the reign of the rice grain. Such a division can exist among other groups of groceries, forcing them to seek other places with enough resources to live. If their motives are not harmful, they can be looking for help to defeat an evil force like the rice grain. If that’s the case, the beings behind the drone must be captivated by Frank’s compassion and capabilities, leading them to seek the latter’s assistance for a better future.

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