Savannah Gowarty: Where is the Ex-SERHANT Agent Now?

In a series where everyone strives to stand out and make a good impression, being chosen as a favorite by many audience members is no easy feat. Savannah Gowarty managed to do just that on Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ as one of SERHANT’s youngest agents. Her honesty and genuineness were truly impressive. What set her apart was her determination to put her best foot forward despite the odds and to emerge triumphant. She proudly showcased her talents whenever given a chance, and it was heartwarming to see her flourish.

Savannah Gowarty Asked Ryan For More Responsibility

Savannah Gowarty was doing her best and was satisfied with listing rentals because she understood that as a newcomer in the industry, she would have to work her way up. She quickly realized everything was in her hands when two agents from SERHANT, Jessica and Jonathan, began sidelining her and questioning her credibility and work ethic. Savannah stood up for herself and asked them not to speak negatively about her. However, on a podcast, both agents mentioned her by name and claimed she couldn’t handle a high listing due to her lack of contacts.

Their comments hurt Savannah, but she decided to take matters into her own hands and approached Ryan. She asked him if he would be willing to give her more responsibilities. Although he didn’t appreciate her confrontational nature, he put her under a senior agent’s wing. Savannah thrived in this role, showing all that she was capable of and proving her worth as a promising real estate agent with a bright future in the industry. However, when the opportunity arose for Savannah to join another company offering better terms, she seized it.

Savannah is Working for A Different Real Estate Agency Today

Savannah Gowarty has had an illustrious career as a real estate agent. Originally from North Carolina, she moved to New York, determined to make it work. After getting a job at SERHANT in June 2022, her diverse range of experiences suggested she would excel in the industry. Since leaving SERHANT, she has joined Compass as a full-time Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and has been working there ever since. At her new firm, she is highly appreciated for her value-oriented mindset and keen eye for design.

Savannah’s excellence stems from her foundational experience in custom home development in Raleigh, North Carolina. This background imparted valuable skills such as budgeting, underwriting, and staging, which have made her work as a real estate agent stand out. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a Business Administration and Management degree, gaining extensive experience in sales, marketing, and accounts. She has worked for prominent companies like Paycom, Amazon Web Services, and Hedge New York. These skills are instrumental in her real estate career, where marketing and sales strategies are employed in a different setting.

Savannah’s charisma has also significantly contributed to her rapid rise in the real estate industry. In May 2024, she took her first international work trip with her new colleagues to the Cayman Islands. While work was exciting and eventful, she also made time to unwind with her colleagues, enjoying good food and relaxation. In June 2024, Compass launched its newest venture, Elevated Advisement, and Savannah is an active member. Her portfolio now includes luxurious properties on Reade Street, Remsen Street, and Hudson Street, demonstrating how far she has come. Savannah’s journey showcases her readiness to spread her wings and achieve even greater success.

Savannah Gowarty is an Experienced Golf Player

Savannah has a well-rounded personality stemming from her diverse interests and initiatives from a young age. From 2012 to 2016, she was a McConnell Golf Scholar and has maintained her golfing skills in top shape ever since. She spent a few months as a Golf Teaching Assistant at The Country Club of Landfall in Wilmington, North Carolina. In May 2024, when she met some of her clients at the golf course, they were stunned to see her move so effortlessly and confidently in the field.

She has also been a fitness instructor at Emotion Fitness and Studios from September 2020 to August 2021. She has kept her interest in fitness alive by frequenting a Pilates studio in New York. It’s a part of her daily routine, providing both a physical challenge and mental stimulation. Savannah has settled into life in New York, and as a big fan of sophisticated meals, she is hitting all the famous spots one at a time. Her all-time favorite has been Le Trois Chevaux, where she often hangs out. In June 2024, she changed her ways of relaxing a bit and enjoyed a fulfilling couple of days at Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa in New York, taking time for herself to unwind.

Savannah Gowarty Often Visits Her Family in North Carolina

As someone who spent much time around her family, Savannah is very close to her mother, Ann Ellenor Gowarty. She has learned a lot from Ann, who is also a real estate agent passionate about interior decoration and gardening. Savannah has been inspired by her mother’s style and success, a significant motivating factor in her career. She also has a sister, Morgan Montague, whom Savannah loves dearly and shares all of her life with. Morgan is building a family now and is ready to welcome a child into her life, and Savannah is very excited to meet her new nephew or niece and dote on them indefinitely. Her mother and sister live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and whenever Savannah can take time off her busy life, she takes the chance to visit them and relish the comfort of her home.

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