Saw 11 in the Works at Lionsgate, to be Filmed in Toronto

‘Saw 11,’ the eleventh installment in the ‘Saw’ horror film franchise, is in development at Lionsgate. The movie will start shooting in Toronto, Ontario, on an undisclosed date.

The plot of the film is currently under wraps. However, the ending of ‘Saw X’ opens several possibilities and directions for the eleventh movie to explore. In Kevin Greutert’s 2023 movie, Cecilia Pederson remains alive. “[…] do you think John Kramer/Jigsaw would want somebody out there knowing who he was? There’s only one person who’s not in his world [who knows who he is], and that’s a brilliant actress by the name of Synnove Lund, who played Cecilia in this movie. We kind of kept her alive in this movie,” producer Mark Burg told /Film.

‘Saw 11’ may follow Jigsaw pursuing Cecilia to put an end to her life. In the cliffhanger of the tenth film, Henry Kessler is confronted by John and Mark Hoffman. The trusted associates of Jigsaw may join the killer in the upcoming movie. “Saw X ends where I think the audience will want to know what happens, and there’s kind of a cliffhanger ending. And there’s a great scene at the end of the credits,” Burg told Dexerto about the same. His words indicate the possibility of ‘Saw X’ characters making a return in the eleventh installment in the film series.

Greutert viewed his film as a closing chapter of Jigsaw’s saga. However, Carlos’ departure with Jigsaw and Amanda Young suggests the possibility of the upcoming movie revolving around Jorge Briseño’s character. “There are so many directions we could go, but for me, there’s no obvious one coming out of this film. I really wanted it to feel like a kind of final send-off for the Jigsaw character, but never say never,” the filmmaker told THR.

Lionsgate is yet to announce the cast and crew members of the movie. After the critical acclaim ‘Saw X’ received, it will not be a surprise if Greutert returns to helm the upcoming installment. The filmmaker also directed ‘Saw VI’ and ‘Saw 3D,’ the sixth and seventh installments in the film series respectively. If the eleventh movie is set between earlier movies, like the latest one, we may even see familiar faces in the same. “[…] should this movie work, there are going to be a bunch of actors from the past who have already called wanting to know if they can come and be in the next movie since we’re going back in time,” Burg teased in the same Dexerto interview.

All the ‘Saw’ films, except for the first and last ones, were shot in Toronto. The city previously hosted the shooting of several horror projects, including Eli Roth’s ‘Thanksgiving’ and Robert Eggers’ upcoming movie ‘Nosferatu.’ ‘Saw 11’ is scheduled to be released on September 27, 2024.

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