Review: Schitt’s Creek Season 6

Schitt’s Creek‘ is a Canadian sitcom that manages to make the comfortable, optimistic tone of the genre work charmingly, despite modern comic sensibilities increasingly moving away from such coziness. Unfortunately, the sixth season is slated as its last installment, making viewers wonder where they would be getting their slow-moving entertainment fix from.

The show is created by the father-son duo, Eugene and Dan Levy. Both of them are also members of the show’s cast, playing a father-son duo as well. Eugene Levy plays the head of the Rose family, Johnny, while Dan plays David. The show follows the once-super-wealthy Rose family as they are forced to move to a tiny, ugly town called Schitt’s Creek after they lose all their finances.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Recap:

Johnny Rose: In the sixth season, Johnny is seen attempting to expand his Rosebud motel empire. This is what he is primarily involved in, having entered into a partnership with Roland. Johnny wants to turn the franchise into a giant venture and uses his contacts to secure some investment from a firm in New York. At the investment firm, he gives an impressive speech. However, he is not able to secure funding from them. But a few employees from that investment firm wish to start their own business and agree to invest in the Rosebud Motel Empire. Apart from that, Johnny also takes Stevie back into the business and helps Bob move over his ex-wife by being his wingman along with Roland and Ronnie.

Moira Rose: The Rose family matriarch has a lot going on for her in the final season of the show. To begin with, the trailer for her movie, ‘The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening,’ is released. After that, Alexis helps organize a premiere for the film in Schitt’s Creek to promote it.  The premiere seems to have gone horribly at first when a few crows that Alexis planned on letting loose before the premiere start attacking the attendees. However, the mother-daughter duo is able to turn things around by telling the press that it had been a PR stunt.

Moreover, Moira also gets an offer to star in the reboot of her most prominent project, ‘Sunrise Bay.’ However, she decides to stand up for herself and declines the offer since she doesn’t want to work with her former co-star, Clifton, who had made her character be written off previously. Luckily, the producer chooses to cast her over Clifton and sends her a revised offer, which she accepts. Because of her offer, she and Johnny decide to move to California.

David Rose: The sixth season of ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ for David, is all about his marriage to Patrick. He spends most of the season preparing for his wedding. Moreover, David considers moving to New York when his family briefly considers shifting there, after Johnny secures funding for the Rosebud motel empire. However, he finds out about Patrick having inquired about a house in Schitt’s Creek that David had casually mentioned liking. Then, Stevie asks David why he wants to go back to the city that gave him so much pain. She makes him realize that he doesn’t need to prove anything to his fake friends in New York and that “he has won.” He decides to stay in Schitt’s Creek.

Alexis Rose: In the final season, Alexis juggles her professional ambitions with her personal desires. She successfully manages to get good publicity for Moira’s movie. She is flooded with job offers after that and decides to move to New York with the rest of the family to do something on her own. She is forced to amicably end her relationship with Ted as he gets a permanent job offer at the Galapagos.

Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Review

Neither does the sixth season of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ do anything over-the-top nor does it really trump the previous seasons of the show. However, the fact that the Canadian sitcom never gives in to the pressure of doing anything extraordinary to grab viewers’attention is what makes it so special. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is a very grounded show: one that manages to make audiences smile by staying close to reality. Sure, its basic premise is a little not-so-ordinary, but it never makes things too easy for its characters or the situation too tough.

In fact, the sixth season is all about character development: a flex by the show’s writers if you must. Throughout the entire season, the Roses are put in situations where their flaws may have made them react wrongly in the opening seasons. However, each one of them ends up making mature decisions, and these do not feel forced or predictable. Alexis and Ted deciding to end things amicably is certainly heartbreaking but mature. David deciding to stay in Schitt’s Creek is mature. Moira standing up for herself, is mature. Johhny getting over his big-league ego and marketing the Rosebud motel empire with down-to-earth hard work, is mature.

Honestly, these mature decisions written for the characters is what makes it tough for viewers to say goodbye to the show. The series does not end with a major concluding moment. Instead, the charm and disappointment of saying goodbye are spread out over the entire season. The fact that the series ends with David and Patrick’s eventually-smooth wedding shows how progressive the show has been. There hasn’t been a single antagonist in the entire series. Every character is depicted to be liberal and understanding but not in an unrealistic manner. This is what makes the Canadian sitcom so feel-good.

Lastly, the acting has always been top-notch. The sixth season reaffirms the talent of the seasoned actors involved. Once again, Catherine O’Hara steals the limelight as Moira. Her theatrics have always been the source of most of the laugh-out-loud gags, and that is no different for the sixth season.

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