Scott Craig & Jennifer Flowers: Who Are Jessy Kurczewski’s Ex-Boyfriend & Mom?

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During Jessy Kurczewski’s trial for the murder of her friend Lynn Hernan, various accusations were levied against her. Prosecutors accused her of killing Lynn for financial gain, while Jessy countered that she was a trusted friend of Lynn and was being falsely implicated. Jessy’s mother, Jennifer Flowers, also testified in her defense. The prosecution called Jessy’s ex-boyfriend, Scott Craig, to testify against her, highlighting his relationship with her. In CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode ‘Death by Eye Drops,’ Scott and Jennifer’s stand during the trial is shown, and their relationship with Jessy is established.

Scott Craig and Jennifer Flowers Had Different Understandings of Lynn Hernan’s Death

Scott Craig and Jessy Kurczewski began their relationship around 2014, enjoying a fulfilling partnership. Eventually, Jessy moved into Scott’s residence in West Allis, Wisconsin, where they shared a home. Scott, who had children from his previous marriage to Jacqueline Gerloski, appreciated Jessy’s efforts to bond with his children, and she maintained a friendly relationship with his ex-wife. However, beneath the surface, there were undisclosed issues. Jessy misled Scott by claiming she worked as a dental assistant, a job she did not hold.

Image Credit: Court TV/YouTube

She often showered the children with gifts and took Scott’s friends and family to dinners and parties that she financed. Everyone always wondered where the money came from, but no one asked many questions. When Scott’s cousin stayed with him, he discovered that Jessy was not employed, but she explained that she had lost her job and was reluctant to inform Scott. She would dress in scrubs daily to maintain the facade and pretend to leave for work. Although Scott knew Lynn Hernan’s existence, he had never personally met her.

On the day of Lynn’s death, Jessy sent Scott a text message claiming that Lynn had ingested tetrahydrozoline at a concert and was hospitalized. She perpetuated this falsehood by informing Scott that Lynn had fallen into a coma, only revealing Lynn’s death to him five months later. Scott remained unaware of these deceitful actions until 2019 when police executed a search warrant at his residence in connection with Jessy’s suspected involvement in Lynn’s murder. Following this discovery, their relationship quickly unraveled as Scott learned of the extensive lies Jessy had woven.

During a phone call, while Jessy was incarcerated, Scott confronted her about her deception, expressing his realization that their entire relationship had been built on falsehoods and fabrications. On the contrary, Jessy’s mother, Jennifer Flowers, accompanied her during her initial police questioning. The family shared a close bond with Lynn, and it was Jennifer who held onto Lynn’s ashes following her cremation. She believed in her daughter and disagreed with the police’s suspicions.

Scott Craig and Jennifer Flowers Took Opposite Stands During Jessy Kurczewski’s Trial

During the trial in 2023, Scott Craig was called to testify, and a recording of his conversation with Jessy Kurczewski was played in court. In the recording, Scott questioned Jessy about her lies regarding Lynn’s death and the elaborate story she had fabricated about Lynn needing resuscitation. He said that he thought Jessy was “pure evil” and had killed innocent Lynn. Scott’s ex-wife, Jacqueline Gerloski, testified, revealing that Lynn had offered to pay for her ticket to Thailand so she could visit their daughter, who was teaching English there. These testimonies supported the prosecutor’s allegations of Jessy’s financial gain and unexplained income.

On the other hand, Jessy’s mother, Jennifer Flowers, stood by her daughter’s side, expressing disbelief at the allegations against her. Jennifer maintained her support for Jessy, voicing concern over the impact of the accusations on their family’s reputation. After Jessy’s conviction, Jennifer was asked to hand over Lynn’s ashes, which she had kept all this while. She supports her daughter’s decision to appeal and has clarified that she believes in her innocence.

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