Scott Olmstead: The Programmer Now Likely Leads a Quiet Life

While it’s true that fear of the rumored computer millennium bug hung over the heads of countless individuals in the years leading up to 2000, there were some who took it to another level. This much has even been evidenced in HBO’s ‘Time Bomb Y2K,’ which honestly paints a clear picture of how this seemingly simple matter changed the fabric of modern society as we knew it. Amongst these kind of extremists was actually computer programmer Scott Olmstead — so now, if you wish to learn more about him as well as his current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Scott Olmstead?

It was back around the 1980s when suburban San Diego native Scott first came across any mention of the Y2K bug and its possible impact on services across the globe, but he didn’t think too much about it until 1997. The truth is, as a high-end computer programmer working at a reputed organization, he focused on facts instead of likely rumors, that is until he received a note from historian and early Y2K preparedness movement leader Gary North. Every worth within that snail mail flyer admittedly filled him with dread, driving him to conduct his own online research, learn of all the ways this bug could likely ruin our society, and decide he needed to be safe.

Scott thus packed up his bag as well as his family and relocated to a secret hideaway within the California deserts without letting anyone else catch wind of the precise location. The only indication of something going on in the area was the fence perimeter he’d placed and the sign he’d put up of trespassers to not fear the dog but the owner because he’d made sure to keep himself armed. The truth is this spot was a mere half a tank away from Los Angeles, so if the city did hit a technological apocalypse as the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2000, there wasn’t a lot he could do.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him or his wife Barbara from making preparations; they were ready to protect themselves as well as their loved ones through any means necessary, which was well within their rights. We’ve fenced in the place, so it’s not like anyone can walk in without making an effort,” he once said. “We have one firearm and will probably be getting one or two more.” His actions were deemed overblown by many, but for him, being safe and continuing to live on was what mattered, especially as he bet on Y2K bringing on a millennium meltdown that would require us to go back to the basics.

Where is Scott Olmstead Now?

From what we can tell, Scott was glad when nothing really transpired on January 1, 2000, or in the ensuing months, yet he never regretted trying to stay one step ahead of the clock for his loved ones. As for his current standing, it appears as if, in the past two decades, he has preferred to keep both his personal as well as professional life well away from the limelight for privacy reasons. We thus don’t know much about him except for the fact he likely remains a proud San Diego family man to this day -and since he’d acquired enough experience in his 20 years as a programmer, he likely has always continued working in the industry.

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