Scott Robins Murder: What Happened to Jim Dellavecchia and Kristen Snow?

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‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Backyard Blood’ delves deep into the 2011 murder of Scott Robins, which caused huge unrest among the entire community. The investigation into the killing of the 42-year-old mechanic did not take much as he gave up the name of the killer before his final breath. The episode spans several decades and explores the past of the victim, which was connected to his killer. Although dramatized by actors, it also features exclusive interviews with actual loved ones and neighbors of the victim who give the viewers their side of the story.

Scott Robins Was Ambushed and Killed in His Driveway

Brought into the world by James “Jim” S. Robins and Roberta Crane Robins on November 26, 1968, in Folcroft, Pennsylvania, Scott Stanley Robins made many memories in the backyard of his family house, along with his siblings, especially his brothers Jimmy and Woody Robins. He also shared a close-knit bond with his sisters, Roberta “Robin” Robins-Santini and Virginia “Gina” Robins-Archer. He was an advanced automotive vehicle technician and obtained employment at Metropolitan Fire Protection in Broomall, Marple Township, as a pipe fitter and foreman. He was a fishing enthusiast and found the activity to soothe his would, which is why he was excited to fish during the striper season every year.

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In matters of the heart, a young Scott’s path crossed with Teresa, a clerk working at a courthouse, and the two fell in love. One thing led to another, and the pair soon tied the knot. After their wedding, they moved to the 900 block of Sylvania Avenue in Ridley Township, Delaware County, and settled in the property he grew up in; he had purchased it from his parents. The 42-year-old was living the perfect life with a loving family comprising a caring wife and two stepkids—Michael “Mike” Snow and Kristen—whom Scott adored as his own. The morning of October 10, 2011, started as a usual one for Scott as he woke up, got ready and headed out for work around 6 am.

A few minutes later, the sound of gunshots emanated from the Robins’ residence and reverberated through the area, startling the residents in the township. The neighbors called 911, and the police rushed to the location to find not one but two gravely injured individuals — Scott and his stepdaughter, Kristen. The authorities acted swiftly and rushed the two to Crozer-Chester Medical Center. While in the emergency room, around 8:30 am, the doctors declared that Scott Robins succumbed to his injuries caused by gunshot wounds to his chest, back as well as both his arms. While Kristen survived the shooting, she was severely injured and moved to the critical ward to receive treatment for her single gunshot wound.

Decades-Long Fued With a Neighbor Turned Out to be Fatal For Scott Robins

As shots of the multiple gunshots echoed across the entire neighborhood, residents were alarmed and called 911 down at the Robins residence. When the police arrived at the crime scene, the 42-year-old Scott Robins was still breathing and testified while lying on the floor injured that his neighbor, James “Jim” Dellavecchia, shot him and his stepdaughter. It was far from a random shooting as years and years of built-up grudge in the heart of James played its part in the shooting of Scott. Ever since Scott moved into the neighborhood, there had been a lot of hostility between him and James, whose backyard was adjacent to his.

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James had filed many complaints about Scott with the police over the summer, and the authorities even paid numerous visits to the Robins residence. Right before the time of his demise, Scott started the construction of a shed in his backyard, which used to make noise during the day. However, he had all the necessary permits for the construction and was adhering to the time restraints of the township. This construction, along with the loud music that he used to play while at it, was getting on the nerves of his neighbor, so much so that he snapped and decided to end it once and for all.

On the morning of October 10, 2011, at about 6:10 am, Scott was getting picked up by his coworker, Rick Wallace, from his house. So, as he stepped out of his home and reached the car’s door, James emerged out of nowhere and allegedly began open firing at him, shooting 10-15 rounds, out of which five landed in his back and one in each arm. The shooter also shot Kristen once in the stomach when she came out to the driveway after hearing the gunshots. Fortunately, Rick managed to come out of the situation unharmed and alive.

James was then seen returning to his home on 9th Street by several witnesses in the neighborhood. The police wasted no time and went to the suspect’s house, where they found various articles of clothing covered in fluid in an attempt to get rid of the evidence. They arrested him and charged him with first-degree murder of Scott Robins and attempted murder of Kristen Snow. After inspecting his entire residence, the detectives also found a briefcase containing a .40-caliber Ruger and its ammunition. Some blood was also spotted on his bedroom’s dresser drawer, samples of which were taken for testing.

Both Jim Dellavecchia and Kristen Snow Passed Away a Few Years After the Shooting

Soon after James Dellavecchia was taken into custody, he attempted to hurt himself in jail by deliberately ramming his head into the wall. He was taken to Crozer Chester Medical Center and received treatment for his severe head injury. Almost a year after the shooting, James stood on trial for the charges against him. In September 2012, the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder of Scott Robins and attempted homicide and aggravated assault of Kristen Snow. About three months later, he was sentenced to life in prison and an additional seven years without the possibility of parole.

On June 6, 2020, 81-year-old James Dellavechia died by suicide in his cell and was declared dead at Mount Nittany Medical Center about an hour later. As for Kristen, she went through a lot in the following years due to the injuries she sustained from the incident. First, she went into a coma for about six weeks, and when she came out of it, she underwent numerous surgeries. Despite trying so hard, she finally succumbed to her wounds eight years after the shooting.

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