Scott Starke: Luxe Listings Toronto Star is in a Happy Relationship Today

In Amazon Prime’s ‘Luxe Listings Toronto,’ the viewers are introduced to many realtors active in the real estate market of Toronto, Ontario. For Scott Starke, the show not only delved into his professional work but also shed light on his personal connections, given that he is the brother of Brett Starke, the President of The Starke Group. In season 1, the two did have some ups and downs due to work-related issues, which also helped highlight some of Scott’s core personality traits.

Scott Starke Has Learned Much From His Brother

Both Scott Starke and Brett Starke are sons of Fern Starke and have a fairly good brotherly relationship. They also have a sister named Katrina Starke Kuras. From 2012 to 2017, Scott was a student at the University of Ottawa, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies. Additionally, he worked as a server for Johnny Farina from January 2017 to August 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Scott went on to become a part of Right To Play in May 2018 as a Communications and Digital Media Intern and retained the position until September 2018. As a part of the organization, he focused on content creation for various social media platforms. With his efforts, the company’s post-engagement has apparently increased by 322% within a single month. Thanks to his stellar performance, Scott seemingly ended up being the only intern to have his work duration increased beyond the summer of 2018 for a temporarily paid role.

In 2018, Scott also enrolled at George Brown College and studied there until 2019, gaining a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Marketing and Event Planning. He went on to join Yellow House Events as an Event Assistant in March 2019. This allowed him to work on various large-scale events like the CMDC XMI Conference and Facebook Civic Roadshow and make use of coordination and graphic designing skills. This meant he was able to make good use of his talent in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Ultimately, he parted ways with Yellow House Events in August 2019.

With expertise in marketing, communication, and event organization, Scott made sure to use all of his acquired skills with efficiency in every facet of his work. From 2020 to 2022, he worked as a life insurance agent on his own. Soon enough, in March 2022, Scott decided to enter the real estate industry at the invitation of his older brother Brett, who was excited about expanding his work within his family. After joining Rare Real Estate and becoming a part of The Starke Group, Scott became determined to prove his skills as a real estate agent, though the journey has not been without hiccups. He certainly pays heed to the advice and suggestions given to him by Brett, who has made a name for himself within Toronto’s real estate market.

Where is Scott Starke Now?

Having showcased his determination to prove himself as a real estate agent in the Amazon Prime series, Scott Starke’s role as a Senior Associate within The Starke Group is undoubtedly a welcome development. The reality TV star continues to work hard as a real estate agent and has been openly excited about his appearance in ‘Luxe Listings Toronto.’ Many of his loved ones and supporters have also openly expressed their excitement about his foray into the world of television.

On a more personal note, Scott is in a happy relationship with Claudia Tirado B. The latter is proud of her Venezuelan roots and is based in Toronto as well. The real estate agent often posts pictures of himself with his partner and is always appreciative of her presence in his life. He is also quite attached to his adorable Bernese Mountain dog, Toby. In fact, Scott can often be seen close to Toronto’s King Street West while walking with Toby.

Additionally, Scott is quite an avid fan of soccer and is actually a member of the Toronto Football Club (AKA Toronto FC). Hence, if there is a home game day for the club, there is a high chance you may find Scott at the BMO Field at 170 Princes’ Boulevard in Toronto while he is cheering on his favorite team. As for his other areas of expertise, Scott actually has a license for Emergency First Aid and CPR thanks to First Aid 4 U. He also has a Smartserve certification from Smart Serve Ontario.

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