Where is Scott’s Vacation House Rules Filmed?

HGTV cashes in on the comfort that home improvement shows provide to become an entire network dedicated to property shows. There is certainly some form of charm involved in watching a run-down, boring house be converted into something that could be out of an artbook. Perhaps its the OCD nature inside all of us that home improvement shows”fix” by transforming bad to good or unclean to tidy. While home improvement shows are of various kinds, they generally revolve around the main residential property of people. However, vacation homes are a different ballgame altogether. That is exactly what ‘Vacation House Rules’ approaches.

Vacation homes have different requirements altogether. Plus, the ones seen on TV or other places can be quite wishful. Hence, HGTV’s ‘Vacation House Rules’ shows how the dream vacation home can be achieved with minimal cost. The show depicts a common roadmap that can be used to convert boring houses into full-blown, photogenic holiday homes.

The show is hosted by real estate expert, Scott McGillivray. He has several years of real estate and renovation experience under his belt which he puts to use on the show. Some of the other shows that he has been a part of include ‘Buyers Bootcamp,’ ‘Scott’s House Call,’ ‘Canada’s Handyman Challenge,’ and ‘Home to Win.’ The full title of ‘Vacation House Rules’ is ‘Scott’s Vacation House Rules.’

Scott’s Vacation House Rules Filming Locations

‘Scott’s Vacation House Rules’ is a real estate/home improvement show. Hence, it focuses on properties that are turned around. Thus, the show is filmed at the properties which get transformed. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where these properties are located. Where is filming for the show carried out? Here are some of the places where filming for the show has taken place:

Haliburton Highlands, Ontario

Filming for the first episode of the show was carried out in the Haliburton Highlands. Here, Scott turns a family home into a Bavarian-style guest house. According to local sources, Above Board Carpentry provided some local talent for the show.

Muskoka, Ontario

Apparently, filming seems to have been carried out in Muskoka, Canada as well. Here, the seventh episode of the series was shot.

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

In this Canadian town, Scott completely flips the aesthetic of a rundown party pad. He converts it into a mid-century inspired holiday spot for the eighth episode. Have a look at the following picture and video uploaded by Scott from the show:

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