Selina and Cody: Is the MAFS Couple Still Together?

Nine Network’s ‘Married at First Sight’ is an Australian series that focuses on pairing strangers together. Couples test their compatibility through experiments and, at the end of it all, decide on whether to ‘stay’ or ‘leave.’ In season 9, Selina Chhaur, a 32-year-old hairdresser from Adelaide, signed up for the show, hoping experts would help her find a suitable match. She got paired with 30-year-old Cody Bromley, a swim coach and personal trainer from Sydney.

The couple was quite different from each other and took a while to get going, but when they did, there was no looking back. The couple had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the season but decided to stick around with each other right till the end. But, with substantial time having passed since the season wrapped up, has Selina and Cody’s relationship been able to stand the test of time?

Selina and Cody Had a Rough Start on the Show

Having always focused on work, Selina wanted someone who would unconditionally love her for who she was. She got paired with easy-going Cody, who had lived a thrilling life up until now and wanted someone who would share his love for life and adventures. The couple first met each other at the wedding altar. The moment Cody saw her, his face instantly lit up. Sensing that she was nervous, he held her hand to help calm her nerves. A quirky Selina suggested a ship name for them, which Cody found to be quite quirky. After both of them shared their heartwarming vows, an ecstatic Selina said, “Here’s to the start of our happily ever after!”

However, it seemed like the couple were soon headed for a roadblock when Cody blurted out that he wasn’t attracted to her on their honeymoon. This was a conversation the couple had many times right through the experiment. While Selina tried to break Cody’s walls, more often than not, she was met with distant and cold reactions from him. Even when he tried putting in the effort, it didn’t come across as expected. This eventually led Selina to decide to end things on one of their commitment ceremonies.

However, Selina was left stunned when Cody suggested he wanted to stay and work on their marriage. This also gave her hope to try and stick around as well. For their Final Vows, both Cody and Selina had their doubts. While he wasn’t sure if the relationship was worth putting all the effort into, Selina didn’t know whether their relationship would be consistent and stable in the long run. However, upon sharing their emotional vows, the pair realized that they wanted to see the relationship in the real world and happily exited the show with a beaming “We made it” cheer.

Selina Focuses on Her Life, While Cody is Thriving as a Personal Trainer

Despite choosing to head out together, Cody and Selina broke up hours after the Reunion Dinner Party. In their final meeting with the experts, a teary-eyed Selina shared about Cody’s decision to end things overnight. Justifying his decision, he pointed out that Selina needed someone who would be affectionate towards her, and he couldn’t do it. Even though the couple were making plans to move in together, Cody made it clear that he couldn’t see a future for them, so he decided that ending things would be for the best. After their split, the former couple ceased all contact with each other.

After the split, both Selina and Cody moved on in their lives. While Selina was linked with fellow ‘MAFS’ contestant Al Perkins, she categorically denied the rumors and has said that the show helped her discover “self-love” and now hosts the podcast ‘Back to Reality’ in Nova Podcasts. In May 2023, Selina opened up about the struggles of having to carve out a life as an influencer in Sydney, where she currently stays. Selina is quite active on social media and focuses on her work while also keeping her fans updated on how she chooses to live life in the company of loved ones.

Meanwhile, Cody has chosen to focus on his career. He runs ‘Cody’s Coaching,’ where he provides tips and ways to lead a healthy life through workouts and balanced eating. Even though he and Selina separated, Cody continues to respect and hold her in high regard. He shared an adorable photo, a day after the finale aired, of the two from their time on the show and added a heartwarming note with it, showing his appreciation for her. He’s been pretty discrete about his personal life, so it isn’t clear whether he’s currently single or dating someone. Currently residing in Sydney, Cody enjoys spending time with friends and working on providing swimming lessons.

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