Servant Season 2 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

The grief of losing a loved one can wreak havoc on a person. Having to face the ensuing trauma, the person stands at the risk of instability paired with desperation. Episode 9 of the second season of ‘Servant’ pushes Dorothy into the same situation as she is under the impression that Jericho will be back. Leanne’s presence in the Turners’ house entails some baffling situations, and now that Julian is attached to her, circumstances change drastically. Sean believes that Uncle George and the cult want to do good, and at the same time, has to protect Dorothy from a descent into the maelstrom. The narrative slowly clears out from an air of mystery as we can see flashes of truth. Let us delve into the Turners’ quest as showcased in this exhilarating episode. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Servant Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

It is Christmas Eve, and Dorothy is preparing herself for the welcoming of Jericho. She believes that George is still present in the house. Leanne tells her that he had left last night; Dorothy feels that George has ventured out to fetch Jericho. Meanwhile, Sean is preparing a feast for lunch. The guests arrive, including Julian, his father, Mr. Pearce, and a lady who is Mr. Pearce’s companion. Julian is visibly irritated after his sexual liaison with Leanne and tries to evade banal conversations.

Leanne informs Sean about the guests, and they have a conversation in the kitchen. Sean believes that George wants to do good for his family as his hands have healed. However, Leanne is adamant that her uncle is different and will not break the cult’s rules. Lunch is finally served, and at the table, Sean expresses his faith in God and indulges in a prayer. His overt religious ways do not go well with Julian as he is in a vile mood. Julian doesn’t pick up Natalie’s call, and when Leanne tries to talk to him, he leaves the table.

Dorothy and Sean wait outside their house for Jericho and share each other’s grief. Julian descends into lines of cocaine as he tries to distance himself from Leanne. However, Julian takes too much of the drug and collapses on the floor. Sean tries to resuscitate him, and panic ensues. Dorothy is dumbfounded at the sight and is seemingly transfixed. Leanne comes to Julian’s aid and revives him. The guests leave after the terrible ordeal, and in the end, a stranger knocks at the Turners’ door.

Servant Season 2 Episode 9 Ending: Who is the Stranger?

Dorothy is dejected as Jericho is nowhere to be seen. Leanne visits the basement and sees a noose wrapped around the contraptions of the ceiling. It is revealed that Dorothy has prepared herself to commit suicide if Jericho doesn’t arrive. She wants to be with Jericho, and if it is in the afterlife, then so be it. Soon enough, there is a knock on the Turners’ door, and we see a woman dressed in an all-black attire with a veil on her face.

The ominous appearance hints at a possible connection with the cult, and it can be assumed that she knows about Jericho. Speculations can lead us to think that the veiled woman is after Leanne, as it has become clear that the cult wants to rectify her mistakes. George fails to do so, and perhaps the stranger might focus on getting Leanne back. With the stranger’s arrival, there is a subtle twist into the narrative as she might be the harbinger of truth that we have been waiting for.

How Does Leanne Revive Julian?

After his romantic interaction and lovemaking with Leanne, Julian is not in the right state of mind. His anger is directed towards his father, and throughout the episode, Julian seems to be on edge. He is miffed at Sean’s religious ways and also blocks himself from Natalie. Heavily dependent on drugs, Julian tries to get rid of his anxiety and pushes himself away from Leanne. He apologizes to Leanne for last night, but she seems happy and excited after their encounter.

Soon enough, the dread catches up with Julian, and he collapses on the floor. Multiple attempts of CPR don’t revive him, but a gentle kiss from Leanne miraculously awakens Julian. This particular scene shows that Leanne has some form of supernatural control over the people she is closely associated with. It is as if she draws her power from these relations, and to some extent, cares for them. She has been antagonized throughout, but her approach towards the Turners indicates that Leanne wants to protect them.

Her supernatural prowess has time and again come to the front, but her intentions are still shrouded in mist. Up until now, Julian’s pragmatism kept him away from Leanne’s influence, but a moment of vulnerability breaks his will. Curiously, when Julian wakes up, he says that he “saw him.” We can speculate that he might have seen Jericho, given the close connection that Leanne had with the infant. These developments definitely point to a climactic showdown between Leanne and the cult, who have now branched into distinct paths.

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