Shacaiah Blue Harding: What Happened to Her? Is She Still Missing?

Since Shacaiah Blue Harding was battling drug addiction, she often spent several nights at the Tumbleweed Runaway Center in Billings, Montana. That is why her mother, Tamera Goldsmith, did not realize that her daughter had gone missing in July 2018. Showtime’s ‘Murder in Big Horn’ chronicles how Shacaiah was finally reported missing in August and even follows the investigation that tried to get to the bottom of the incident. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the strange disappearance and find out if Shacaiah has been found, shall we?

What Happened to Shacaiah Blue Harding?

A resident of Big Horn County, Montana, Shacaiah Blue Harding was described as a lively and down-to-earth individual who was in love with life. The show mentioned that she had a troubling childhood as her mother battled drug addiction, which greatly impacted her growing years. Later, even Shacaiah fell victim to meth use and was diagnosed with meth-induced schizophrenia. However, she still had great aspirations for her future and was determined to turn her life around. Hence, she joined the Tumbleweed Runaway Center in Billings, Montana, hoping it would help her get rid of her harmful habits. However, she had no idea about the tragic hand fate was about to deal her.

Shacaiah was known to spend days on end at the center and would only return home when she felt like it. Hence, her mother did not think much of it when the 19-year-old failed to come back home towards the end of July 2018. Incidentally, Shacaiah was last seen on July 25, 2018, when she was walking down Buena Vista Drive in Billings at around 4 pm. At that time, she was staying at the Tumbleweed Runaway Center, and the people who knew her there noticed that the 19-year-old failed to come in after signing out on July 25. Eventually, even the teenager’s family began noticing her absence, and her mother, Tamera Goldsmith, finally approached authorities on August 20, 2018, in order to report her missing daughter.

Once the police took charge of the investigation, they organized search parties and combed through the local areas looking for Shacaiah Blue Harding. They even interviewed several of the 19-year-old’s acquaintances and learned that the teenager had posted a mysterious status on her Facebook wall the night of her disappearance. However, apart from that, there was no news about the missing girl, and as days passed, her family began fearing the worst.

Shacaiah Blue Harding: Not Yet Found, Family Remain Hopeful

We are sorry to report that Shacaiah Blue Harding remains missing to this day, although the police consider it an open investigation, and her family still hopes for her safe return. Although there wasn’t much information to go on during the initial days of the missing person investigation, her family took to the streets to raise awareness about her disappearance. They handed out leaflets, put up posters around town, and even held several rallies, asking people with information to step forward. Eventually, people close to Shacaiah soon learned that she was seen in the company of a man who had allegations of rape against him. Although this individual claimed never to have seen Shacaiah, his ex-girlfriend alleged that he had previously looked into the teen’s life.

On another occasion, some of Shacaiah’s friends insisted that she was talking with people known to be involved in human trafficking shortly before her disappearance. Furthermore, the police found evidence that someone had bought a bus ticket to Colorado on the day Shacaiah is believed to have vanished, although these leads led to nothing but dead ends. On the other hand, people also wondered if the teenager left her family in Montana to move in with her boyfriend, Eric, in New Mexico, although there is nothing to suggest such a development.

Unfortunately, the case hasn’t witnessed much development since then, even though recent reports mention that Shacaiah has been spotted twice in Phoenix, Arizona. The police stated that they are investigating all possible outcomes, but the general consensus believes that the teen has been trafficked for either drugs or money. Yet, with the investigation considered to be an active one and the publicity brought on by Selena Not Afraid’s death in 2020, there is still hope for the nineteen-year-old to return home safely.

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