Shakyia Jackson: My 600-Lb Life Participant Lives On Her Own Today

TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life’ is well-known for focusing on stories of various individuals who want to lose weight for various reasons. In season 12, episode 6, titled ‘Shakyia’s Journey,’ the show sheds light on Shakyia Jackson, who opened up about her past and the reasons she believed had led her to be in the situation she was in during her time as a cast member. Though she had pinned her hopes on Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now,’ her recovery process did not take the shape she had hoped for.

Shakyia Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey Was Far From a Simple One

Appearing on the TLC show, Shakyia Jackson was candid about her desire to lose weight. She felt that this was not only hampering her ability to socialize but also to continue her studies. In a candid mood, she shared how she had grown up in a household of a single mother and had developed a mindset of treating each one of her meals as a probable last one. She was later placed in her father’s custody. Following this, she often rotated between different foster homes until she was reunited with her mother.

Having found comfort in food, Shakyia started to gain weight at a young age, having been 200 pounds at the age of 11. She was apparently bullied for the same as a school kid. She explained how her desire to fit in had led her to sleep with a boy at the age of 13, but then she had felt highly rejected when the boy pretended that he did not know her the next time they saw each other. This, she claimed, only pushed her towards eating more and more, having gained 400 pounds by high school graduation.

Shakyia added that during the first year of her college, she had gained more weight, leading to the deterioration in her mental health. As such, she had left college behind and came back home. She worked various jobs until she found a job at a gas station. She then bravely shared how she had been raped by someone and that the ordeal had only impacted her mental health more and pushed her toward food. By the time she came on the show, she was determined to change her life.

From Charlotte, North Carolina, Shakyia traveled all the way to Houston, Texas, to consult with Dr. Now. She was weighed at 655 pounds and was given a diet regimen to bring the weight down before a weight-loss surgery could be considered. However, for the next six months, Shakyia did not reach back for her follow-up appointment. In Month 7 of the process, the doctor and patient reconnected, with Shakyia saying that she had collapsed about two months before. She had apparently suffered a respiratory failure.

According to Shakyia, her collapse had led her to be unable to use her legs for some time and be dependent on hospice care. That said, Dr. Now was not exactly happy with her, feeling that this only seemed like Shakyia trying to evade blame. By the tenth month, she had moved to an extended hotel and was determined to start back in the treatment. She remained firm that she had stuck to the diet despite everything, though Dr. Now seemed skeptical.

When Shakyia was weighed in the eleventh month, her weight came out to be 644 pounds. This did not impress Dr. Now; he was sure she was not as dedicated to the program as she claimed to be. She requested him to give her another chance, though the medical professional did not think that it would yield any results. Indeed, when it was revealed that she had lost only about 9 pounds in the next two months, Dr. Now decided to stop any follow-up appointments, much to Shakyia’s despair. He did allude that should she continue to go to therapy, and then he might be willing to revisit the process in the future.

Where is Shakyia Jackson Now?

During her time on the TLC series, Shakyia Jackson showcased her determination to become more independent. While she had initially been living with her family and was helped by her mother, Natasha, and sister, Shaniqua, she has since shifted and started living independently. Even during the last phase of her time in the show, she shared that she was not living in an extended-stay hotel. For Shakyia, this had been a matter of pride, and while she had certainly been disappointed about not being able to move to Houston to continue her treatment, she did not let it get her down.


For Shakyia, there are many goals that she wants to achieve in her life that are centered around the aftermath of her weight loss. She has confessed to wanting to complete her college education and get a degree, having left college previously after the first semester. She has also expressed a desire to socialize more and enjoy beaches with complete confidence. Having had to rebuild her strength following her collapse, Shakyia certainly has many dreams that she hopes to fulfill one day.

Since 2020, Shakyia has been the owner of her own business. Some of the products she offers to her customers include designed tumblers and beaded pens. She has also disclosed that her journey had actually been filmed about two years before, and she has changed in appearance in the one-year duration since the end of the production and the airing of her episode. The Digital Creator has also used social media to answer many questions that viewers have accumulated after watching her on television.

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