Is Shannon Street Based on Bart Millard’s Real Girlfriend? Are They Still Together?

Image Credit: Bart Millard/Instagram

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that the tale of Christian Rock musician/MercyMe frontman Bart Millard is as entertaining as inspiring considering everything he has been through. Though the most intriguing aspect of it all is arguably his beautifully intense long-term romance with the girl he met while he was just a young boy, as carefully chronicled in ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ So now, if you simply wish to learn more about Shannon Street — her background, her relationship with the artist, as well as their current standing — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Shannon Street is Actually a Real Person

While it’s true the aforementioned Erwin Brothers-directed movie has taken some creative liberties despite having derived direct inspiration from Bart’s life, Shannon is reportedly rarely fictionalized. In fact, most details regarding how this duo first came across one another or have always been by each other’s side hold true; they are childhood sweethearts in every sense of the term. It was really back in 1988 when these Greenville, Texas, natives met in a church youth group at the ages of 13 and 15 — she’s two years younger — only for them to soon fall utterly head over heels.

Shannon and Bart have admittedly had their fair share of issues since they were so young when they initially got involved, yet they did always manage to find their way back to one another. Whether it be his broken ankles that shattered his football dreams, his journey to music as well as ministry, or their high school graduation, they were essentially each other’s anchor at each step. The couple did allegedly part ways for a little while as he struggled to find himself while also navigating the way he was abused by his father as a child, per the movie, but their care never wavered.

Therefore, of course, Shannon and Bart were able to reconnect, not long after which he proposed at the place of their first meeting (Camp Glorieta), and then they tied the knot on November 8, 1997. Yet alas, according to reports, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that the former “fully realized the entirety of [his] story” as they were forced to deal with their past in professional counseling sessions. They were both battling grief following her brother’s tragic car accident demise in 2004, so they needed a way to manage their emotions while sticking together, and it helped them more than ever expected.

Are Shannon and Bart Still Together?

Yes! Not only are Shannon and Bart still blissfully married to this day, but they’re also proud parents of 5: Sam Millard, Gracie Millard, Charlie Millard, Sophie Millard, and Miles Millard. The secret to their success is honestly open communication, understanding, as well as quality time, especially because he’s still a touring musician while she’s a full-time homemaker plus homeschooler. The now Nashville residents admittedly still have some tough days, but knowing in their hearts they’ll always have one another to rely on gets them through it all, and they’ve made sure their young kids know it too.

According to an interview, whenever the Millards are all home together, they actually plan extensive familial activities to maintain the close-knit relationship they’ve carefully built over the years. Moreover, and more importantly, Shannon and Bart step away from everything once a year without fail to have their own little marriage retreat. The musician said, “We set aside time without the kids, get away, regroup and fall in love again. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything,” to which his wife added, “The kids know it’s our week to renew our marriage.”

We should also mention that to maintain their balance, the Millards even have a chore chart that all of them abide by (including the kids) to ensure none of them is ever mentally or physically exhausted. The only area where there’s no balance between them is the finances — Bart once revealed, “Shannon takes care of the bills [alone]. She’s amazing at it. We’d probably be in prison if I was doing them… [We were] dirt poor back in the day… so Shannon spends on necessities. I end up spending on the dumbest things possible. Luckily, my wife is good at returning things.” Honestly, Shannon and Bart are the epitome of love, care, kindness, as well as understanding, so we truly wish them nothing but the best for years to come.

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