Dingle Dangle on Shark Tank: A Parent’s Answer for Happy Nappy Times

Raising a child is a challenging task, and each stage of a child’s development brings its own set of difficulties. It is during infancy, when the child is highly dependent on parents for all its needs, that the challenges appear more pronounced and harder to manage. This is why the baby industry offers numerous products designed to assist parents and provide support during these early and seemingly more demanding days. On the tenth episode of season 15 of ‘Shark Tank,’ Dingle Dangle introduced their unique product that helps alleviate the struggles faced by parents.

Dingle Dangle: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The Dingle Dangle saga unfolded in 2018 when Mark Hamilton, the owner of a technology investment banking headhunting business, found himself in a challenging situation while traveling with his 7-month-old daughter at the Tenerife, Spain airport. Attempting to change her diaper became a strenuous task, with his daughter resisting every move, making the experience less than successful. Frustrated, Mark wished for a distraction that would engage his daughter during diaper changes. Upon returning home, he dedicated himself to developing a solution.

The initial prototype, crafted from a coat hanger and key chains, marked the inception of the idea. However, Mark soon realized the unsuitability of these materials around children, prompting him to refine and improve his invention. The Dingle Dangle journey took a fortuitous turn when Stewart Gold, who had been a practicing lawyer for 11 years, moved into an apartment located just above Mark’s. The two quickly formed a strong connection. Mark, enthusiastic about his vision for a toy that could aid both parents and children during diaper changes, found in Stewart the perfect partner equally committed to the project.

Stewart, already a father to a young child and welcoming his second son in August 2020, shared Mark’s passion. Together, they iterated on various versions of the product, making adjustments based on practical considerations, leading to the creation of Dingle Dangle, which derived from Mark’s daughter’s name for the toy “dingy dangy.” By September 2020, the product was being distributed and sold through a well-organized company named Dingle Dangle Baby.

After 16 months of continuous refinement, Mark and Stewart successfully developed a vibrant mobile designed to be worn on a parent’s head. This product serves as the ultimate distraction toy for children during diaper changes. Tailored for kids aged 3-18 months, the mobile draws inspiration from the colorful surroundings of Stewart’s Miami home. Besides its primary function, the product can transform into a silicone teether, be conveniently clipped onto cribs, and even serve as a rattle. The unconventional sight of parents wearing the mobile might attract curious glances, but the product’s ability to soothe babies, coupled with its multifunctionality, makes it an appealing and practical purchase.

Where is Dingle Dangle Now?

The primary goal of the product is to provide comfort for both parents and children while also serving as an engaging toy. Crafted from various fabrics, the product enhances the child’s sensory development, and the anchoring stick is made from silicone, ensuring complete safety. Designed with the belief that the time spent by parents and children together should be qualitatively enriching, this toy aims to create positive associations with play for the child. The product has garnered significant attention from the press, and its feature on ‘Shark Tank’ has notably boosted its marketing efforts.

They have expanded their product range to include a variety of items such as mealtime mats, plush toys, and bath products. Many of their products are offered in gift sets, making them excellent and practical gift options for parents. The addition of diaper-changing pads and mats, along with their organic clothing and toy collection, caters to the diverse needs and preferences of both kids and parents. Their Dingle Dangle Baby Gift Set, which includes a baby changer, mobile, and rattle, is priced at just $39.99, while their deluxe gift set is available for $49.99. In celebration of their appearance on Shark Tank, they have introduced a limited line of the Shark Tank Gift Set, featuring the deluxe gift set and an adorable shark robe for babies.

The company serves not only as a merchandising space but also as a valuable resource for parental guidance and tutorials. Their website features a dedicated section called the “Parenting Hub,” which offers a variety of videos addressing different aspects of parenting. From organizing and storing kids’ toys to assisting with their studies, addressing food habits, and tackling various daily challenges faced by parents, the Parenting Hub provides a wealth of helpful content. This commitment to creating a supportive space has contributed to the company gaining popularity among parents. It appears that the company has only begun to explore the full potential of what lies ahead for them.

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