Love After Lockup: Is Shawn Together With Destinie or Sara?

Embarking on a tumultuous journey through the labyrinth of ‘Love After Lockup,’ the lives of Shawn Osborne, Destinie Folsom, and Sara Isaac intertwine in a story rich with love, betrayal, and the complexities of life post-incarceration. Season 3 introduced us to the fiery romance between Shawn and Destinie, a union marred by trust issues and an unexpected love triangle with Sara.

As the tale unfolded, we witnessed the dramatic fallout of their relationship, setting the stage for a new chapter with Shawn and Sara in season 4. The juxtaposition of passion, heartbreak, and redemption paints a vivid canvas that invites us to explore the current whereabouts of these characters in the ever-evolving saga of the show.

Shawn Osborne And Destinie Folsom’s Romance Didn’t Last Long

‘Love After Lockup’ season 3 introduced viewers to the tumultuous relationship between Shawn Osborne and Destinie Folsom. The couple, engaged and seemingly in love, faced numerous challenges throughout the season. Destinie’s concerns about Shawn’s relationship with his ex-partner, Kelly Corallo, added fuel to the fire. Shawn, the father of six children with Kelly, found himself caught between two worlds. As the season unfolded, tensions rose between Shawn and Destinie, culminating in a dramatic moment where Destinie tossed Shawn’s engagement ring. The cracks in their relationship deepened when Destinie discovered Shawn’s ongoing communication with Kelly.

The revelation that Shawn had been co-parenting with Kelly while keeping it a secret from Destinie, shattered the trust between the engaged couple. Simultaneously, another woman entered the picture – Sara Isaac. Viewers met Sara, where Shawn was juggling communication with two felons. Despite this, Shawn had already decided that Sara was the one he wanted to spend his life with. This decision set the stage for a complex love triangle, with Shawn torn between Destinie and Sara. Despite Shawn’s choice to propose to Destinie, he soon realizes he has made a grave mistake. Their relationship reached a breaking point when Destinie stole Shawn’s car and credit cards.

Left without any means of contact, Shawn resorted to involving the credit card company and filing a police report to recover his stolen property. The aftermath of their breakup included Destinie’s attempts to crash Shawn’s wedding and her demand for $50,000, claiming it was owed to her for a promised car and belongings she left at Shawn’s home. Adding another layer to the story, it was revealed that Destinie was pregnant during the filming of ‘Love After Lockup.’ The father of the child was her then-husband, Jason, from whom she had recently separated before heading back to prison in November 2020.

Shawn Osborne And Sara Isaac Are Still Together

Season 4 shifted the focus to Shawn’s new relationship with Sara Isaac. Following Sara’s release from prison, the couple got engaged and soon found out they were expecting their first child together. However, the transition from Shawn’s tumultuous past with Destinie to his present with Sara was not without its challenges. Shawn’s children had mixed reactions to their father falling in love with another former inmate. The aftermath of his breakup with Destinie cast a shadow on Shawn’s credibility in the eyes of his kids. Nevertheless, Shawn and Sara pressed forward, determined to build a life together.

The show alums, officially married in 2021, celebrated the first birthday of their daughter, Addilyn. Season 4 of ‘Life After Lockup’ hinted at potential trouble in paradise for the newlyweds. Despite the joy of welcoming their daughter, Shawn and Sara faced their fair share of ups and downs. Sara openly discussed the stressors in their marriage, citing Shawn’s demanding work schedule as a major factor. The couple struggled to find quality time together, but Sara remained appreciative of the special moments they managed to share. The challenges extended beyond their personal lives and into the realm of reality TV, where the drama with Sara’s ex, Anthony, played out on screen.

Despite these obstacles, Sara and Shawn are still together and determined to make their relationship work. With dedication to taking their relationship to the next level, the couple is continuously working towards making themselves better. Their commitment to each other and their growing family has showcased a resilience that transcended the chaos of their pasts. The intertwining storylines of Destinie, Sara, and Shawn painted a vivid picture of the complexities inherent in relationships forged in the crucible of life after prison.

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