Where Are Shea And Syd McGee Now?

Netflix’s newest home improvement series ‘Dream Home Makeover’ already has fans of the show hosts super excited. The show revolves around Shea and Syd McGee, a dynamic husband and wife duo based in Utah who own two companies together – a design company named Studio McGee and an e-commerce company called McGee & Co. The ‘Dream Home Makeover’ stars are easily one of the top interior designers/ bloggers on Instagram, growing more popular since they started posting pictures of their interior design jobs almost a decade ago. Curious to know more about the couple and their current whereabouts? Let’s find out.

Who Are Shea And Syd McGee?

Shea and Syd met when they were living in Provo, Utah, where Shea went to college at Brigham Young University. It was an instant connection when they locked eyes for the first time (through Shea’s brother/Syd’s friend) and went on their first date the very next day, wasting no time at all. The couple moved to Southern California after they got married and bought their first home in Orange County. Shea was working in Public Relations when she realized that her talents and passion lie elsewhere, and she started taking a few interior design classes at the local community college.


Even without a formal degree in interiors, Shea quickly grew popular because of her innate sense of aesthetics and design sensibilities. Her Instagram page started getting increasingly popular. Shea initially operated her interior design business from a bedroom in their house. But when Syd’s latest startup got acquired, and he needed a new job, he started helping Shea out with organizing the business side of things. The couple realized they work well together and decided to go into business officially.

So they packed their bags and moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, with their two kids in tow. Shea and Syd launched their design firm Studio McGee in 2014 and the e-commerce business two years later in 2016. Over the last six years, the McGees have seen rapid growth in both clients and sales, along with a forever climbing social media fan following. Shea and Syd were allegedly contacted for a show by HGTV a few years back but got rejected due to not being “dramatic enough.”

Where Are Shea and Syd McGee Now?

Shea and Syd are still running their businesses in Utah while working and living in the Greater Salt Lake City area. Last year, they moved into their newly-built home in Utah County and gave their followers several and constant updates as they lovingly set up each room. Apart from their Netflix series ‘Dream Home Makeover,’ the couple is gearing up for the launch of their book, Make Life Beautiful, which chronicles their experience with interior designing and consequent success.


The pandemic has negatively impacted Shea and Syd as well, and they had to shut down their brick and mortar store in California, most recently. Living in a secluded spot away from the hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City and surrounded by mountains, Shea and Syd spend their time working and raising two beautiful little girls together.

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