What is Shea And Syd McGee’s Net Worth?

They may be Netflix’s home improvement reality stars, but Shea and Syd McGee are not new to interior design. In fact, the McGees are one of the original interior bloggers on Instagram, having started their page a decade ago when everyone else was not doing the same thing as them. This now-famous husband and wife duo from Utah got into interior design in not the most conventional manner. Shea, who was always creatively inclined, used to work in public relations. Her husband, Syd, owned a marketing startup company.

When they were living in Southern California, Shea started attending a few interior design classes and loved it so much that she decided to shift gears and changed careers. At first, Shea started doing interior design out of a tiny bedroom in their home, but when Syd joined the business, and the couple decided to work together officially, they sold their California house, packed their bags, and moved to Utah as they consider it to be more business-friendly. Today, they own multiple businesses and also star in their own Netflix series – ‘Dream Home Makeover.’ Let’s take a look at how they made their fortune and what the couple’s net worth is.

How Did Shea and Syd McGee Make Their Money?

After switching the course of both their careers, husband and wife duo Syd and Shea McGee moved to Utah. In 2014, they officially launched their interior design company Studio McGee, based out of Salt Lake City. As Shea’s independent design business was already a thing since 2011, the McGees already had a solid social media presence and a few projects to their credit. Initially, Shea and Syd invested big into their business and lived on rent themselves while renovating their clients’ dream homes.

Soon after, in 2016, they branched out into online retail and launched their e-commerce company – McGee & Co. – that sells home decor and furniture items. While Syd manages the business and marketing side of things, Shea is a creative director. The couple has a rule not to encroach on each other’s job roles. In just six years, the McGees have rapidly grown in fame, business, and fortune as well.

Their design company now employs several junior designers who all work under Shea, tackling client projects all across the United States, renovating everything from small single room projects to complete high-end luxury home builds. Between Studio McGee and McGee and Co., Shea and Syd now employ over 100 employees. Apart from the two businesses, the couple also has a multi-year partnership with Target for Threshold to retail their line of curated home products and furnishings at affordable prices.

As of October 2020, along with their Netflix series, Shea and Syd are also coming out with a book that they co-authored. Titled ‘Make Life Beautiful,’ it offers a detailed look at their design journey so far. Their Netflix show ‘Dream Home Makeover’ follows the two as they build their own gorgeous home in Utah County, which they built from the ground up on the land they purchased a few years ago.

Shea and Syd McGee Net Worth

Considering that their design company and e-commerce business are both doing quite well, it’s no surprise that Shea and Syd McGee’s fame and fortune are on the upward curve. As of 2020, Syd and Shea McGee’s net worth is estimated to be close to $5 million.

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