Sheila Johnson: Where is the Cancer Survivor Now?

Image Credit: Living Beyond Breast Cancer/YouTube

Sheila Johnson’s battle with Stage IV breast cancer in 2009 was not only physically demanding, but also proved to be a lonely journey. Despite the anticipated challenges, she exhibited remarkable resilience and strength. The story of her journey, along with insights into the personal connections that supported her, especially her father’s love, are brought to life in Bet+’s ‘God’s Grace: The Sheila Johnson Story.’ Directed by Charmin Lee and featuring Demetria McKinney in the titular role, the film delivers a powerful and inspiring performance deeply rooted in truth. If you want to know more about Sheila Johnson’s life and her current status, we have all the details you need. Let’s delve in!

Who is Sheila Johnson?

In 1984, Sheila Johnson made a significant decision to join the AirForce with a mission to enhance the representation of Black women in the military. Her career in the armed forces involved pivotal operations, deployments to Saudi Arabia, and service in Germany. However, in 2009, while stationed at the Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois, she experienced a life-altering moment. During a seemingly routine event, she sneezed and felt a burning sensation near her breast. Troubled by this, she consulted her military doctor, who conducted a breast examination and ordered a mammogram.

Image Credit: Living Beyond Breast Cancer/YouTube

The subsequent mammogram and ultrasound in December unveiled a devastating diagnosis of de novo metastatic breast cancer (mBC) at the age of 43. After completing 25 years of dedicated service, Sheila Johnson retired from her position as a records manager in December 2009. Her medical retirement marked a significant turning point in her life, sparking a range of emotions, including shock and disappointment. The weight of her mother’s previous battle with metastatic breast cancer (mBC) in 2004 hung over her, making her journey both emotional and physical.

Her treatments were grueling, including a full mastectomy with reconstruction, six years of chemotherapy after her initial diagnosis which included two rounds, seven surgeries, and additional medications such as Herceptin and Flasolodex. In 2013, Sheila Johnson decided to use her experience to help others facing similar challenges. She joined the Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Youth Advocate Program as a volunteer. This program aimed to provide young women with the training and resources needed to raise awareness and advocate for breast cancer in their communities, drawing from their personal experiences with the disease.

During the same year, she became one of the founding members of Story Half Told, a metastatic breast cancer resource organization partnered with Pfizer. Her primary goal was to raise awareness within the black community about the importance of clinical trials as it is essential to ensure that medical research is comprehensive and inclusive. In 2014, Sheila Johnson decided to continue her education by enrolling at McKendree University, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. During this time, she met her future husband, and they later got married in 2016. The couple also welcomed a daughter into their family. Sheila’s dedication and advocacy work didn’t go unnoticed and in 2017, she received the Hear My Voice Award from Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Sheila Johnson is Spreading Awareness Today

Sheila Johnson is actively involved in various advocacy roles and plays a significant part in the breast cancer community. She serves as a patient advocate, research advocate, mBC (metastatic breast cancer) advocate, and clinical trials advocate. Her contributions go beyond advocacy, as she also holds a position as a board member at Medidata Patient Insights, a prominent provider of data analytics solutions supporting clinical research. In addition to her advocacy work and professional role, Sheila has authored a book titled ‘A Survivor’s Lens: A Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor’s Focus on Faith and God’s Word’ which was released in August 2022.

Her work as an advocate extends to speaking engagements at conferences and panels, where she shares her inspiring journey with others, aiming to provide comfort and support to those facing similar challenges. Sheila Johnson is dedicated to making a positive impact and believes in extending support to military women dealing with cancer, recognizing the unique challenges they face within the institutional framework, which can be isolating and complex to navigate.

Sheila Johnson resides with her family in Belleville, Illinois, and her journey from her breast cancer diagnosis to becoming a prominent advocate is a testament to her strength and resilience. She has turned what could have been a negative experience into a powerful platform for supporting and empowering women, especially those facing breast cancer. Her efforts in advocacy and awareness are truly inspiring and contribute to the progress of medical research and improved healthcare for all.

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