Shital and Niraj: Is the Indian Matchmaking Duo Still in a Relationship?

As an ambitious, confident, fierce, independent, and strong-minded woman, Shital Patel from Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ is arguably one of the most intriguing reality stars at the moment. That’s because she entered this production in search of her true love through the age-old process of desi arranged marriages, only to then suddenly find it in Niraj Mehta outside, on her own. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about this couple — with a particular focus on their entire story as well as their status following season 3 — we’ve got all the essential details for you.

Shital and Niraj’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

Although Shital primarily grew up in Edison Township, New Jersey, she genuinely credits her South-Asian roots and loved ones for shaping her into the headstrong woman she has evolved into. It was thus no surprise when she made it clear she wanted nothing short of an equal alliance throughout life since she herself brings a lot to the table in terms of not just success but also care. Individuals like Viral Kothari and Avinash Shingwani (both New York-based) were hence placed in front of her as potential suitors, yet neither reached her understandable but high standards.

That’s when Shital began wondering wheather she was actually a self-saboteur, just to soon be proven wrong as Miami-based oncologist and choreographer Niraj Metha came into the picture. She actually met him through her sister one fine day as if it was pure fate, following which a mere conversation turned into much more, and the duo eventually ended up falling deeply in love. Yet it was the way he complimented her in every way imaginable while also being open, honest, kind, passionate, and utterly devoted to his core beliefs that made her realize he was the one.

“I feel at home with my parents and my sisters, but I’ve never had that feeling of home with a significant other,” Shital candidly said to Niraj at one point in season 2. “And then, when I met you, I feel at home, and I feel safe. Like, home is with you.” The doctor reciprocated her sentiment at that moment as well as in a confessional by stating he’s “definitely in love,” only for her unwavering internal glow to make it evident she is too. She later elucidated, “I feel so incredibly lucky that I found him because it is just the love that, like, I will never find this kind of love ever again.”

The fact Shital and Niraj have since met one another’s family also makes it clear they’re moving in the right direction, especially as the latter are all already willing to engage in a big fat Indian wedding. “She’s totally changed right now, I can say,” the former’s mother lovingly stated in season 3. “Your attitude, your nature, you know, everything,” to which her father simply added, “It’s more mature.” Even the latter went as far as to admit that talking to her family felt quite a lot like he was conversing with his own due to the lightness, the shared cultural background, and the air of affection.

Shital and Niraj Are Still Going Steady

Despite the fact Shital and Niraj have seemingly been stable ever since they first got involved, there were a few difficult periods for them owing to her being based in New York while he was in Florida. That’s why the latter ultimately took it into his own hands to not only ask her to move to Miami but also move in with him to ensure they can quickly start laying the roots for their future together. She obviously agreed because apart from the love they share, she does want him to be the father of her many children too — “That’s what I’m most excited about is raising kids with him,” she said.

Shital then wisely continued, “It’s not always going to be my way, you know, we have to meet each other in the middle [to make our relationship work]. Sometimes, I will have to let things go.” And this is precisely what she and Niraj have been doing as both the public figure-corporate employee and the oncologist-choreographer’s social media platforms suggest they’re still happily together. After all, whether it be having continued interactions with one another in the form of likes or comments, spending the holidays as a blended family, or sharing relationship goals/advice, the Miami residents are evidently doing it all.

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