Scavengers Reign: 8 Must-Watch Similar Animated Shows

In the otherworldly universe of ‘Scavengers Reign,’ co-creators Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner have conjured a mesmerizing adult animated science fiction drama. This Max-original series extends from their 2016 short film, ‘Scavengers,’ plunging viewers into the aftermath of a catastrophic interstellar cargo ship crash on a vibrant yet perilous alien world. The survivors find themselves fragmented into three distinct groups, each with its own enigmatic journey. Azi and her loyal robotic sidekick, Levi, embark on an odyssey, while Sam and Ursula forge an unlikely alliance. And in isolation, Kamen grapples with secrets that could alter the destiny of all. Here are 8 more shows like ‘Scavengers Reign’ you must watch.

8. Planetes (2003-2004)

‘Planetes,’ created by Makoto Yukimura, is a compelling sci-fi anime series set in the year 2075. It revolves around debris collectors aboard the DS-12 “Toy Box,” tasked with cleaning space junk in Earth’s orbit. The story looks into their personal lives, dreams, and the philosophical implications of their job. Notable voice actors include Kenji Nojima, Satsuki Yukino, and Ai Orikasa. Much like ‘Scavengers Reign,’ ‘Planetes’ offers a gripping narrative set in space, exploring the human condition amidst the vast cosmos. Its focus on character development, complex relationships, and the challenges of surviving in a hostile environment makes it a must-watch for fans of ‘Scavengers Reign.’

7. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (2013)

‘Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet’ is a captivating animated series created by Gen Urobuchi that follows the story follows Ledo, a young pilot from a space-faring civilization who crash-lands on a water-covered Earth. He finds himself among the people of Gargantia, a massive fleet of ships, and must adapt to a new way of life while trying to find his way home. This beautifully animated series explores themes of culture clash, survival, and the human spirit’s resilience. The show features talented voice actors like Kaito Ishikawa and Hisako Kanemoto. Fans of ‘Scavengers Reign’ would appreciate the rich world-building, character development, and sci-fi adventure that ‘Gargantia’ offers.

6. Terra Formars (2014-2016)

‘Terra Formars’ is a Japanese anime series based on the manga by Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana. Set in a dystopian future, it follows humanity’s battle against humanoid cockroaches on Mars, evolved from insects sent there for terraforming. Created by Liden Films and directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, the show explores the struggle for survival, with themes of evolution and adaptation. Much like ‘Scavengers Reign,’ it delves into the challenges of surviving on an alien world, albeit with a darker and more action-packed tone. If you enjoyed the perilous environment and survival aspect of ‘Scavengers Reign,’ ‘Terra Formars’ offers a unique and intense experience.

5. Knights of Sidonia (2014-2015)

Knights of Sidonia,’ thrusts viewers into a future where Earth is on the brink of extinction due to an alien threat. Propelled into production by Polygon Pictures, the story unfolds on the colossal spaceship Sidonia, humanity’s last stronghold. In a parallel to ‘Scavengers Reign,’ it explores the grit and determination required to survive in an unforgiving, extraterrestrial environment. The show’s fusion of mecha battles, intricate character development, and an ever-present sense of impending doom makes it a compelling choice for those who enjoyed the survival challenges and alien intrigue of ‘Scavengers Reign.’ Both series deliver high-stakes journeys through uncharted territory.

4. Final Space (2018-2021)

Created by Olan Rogers, ‘Final Space‘ is a cosmic rollercoaster of adventure and humor. The series follows Gary, a charismatic but flawed space prisoner, and his eclectic crew as they embark on an intergalactic quest, encountering bizarre creatures and battling cosmic threats. The star-studded voice cast includes talents like Rogers himself, David Tennant, and Tika Sumpter, adding depth to the colorful characters. If you enjoyed the captivating blend of space exploration, eccentric characters, and unexpected peril in ‘Scavengers Reign,’ ‘Final Space‘ will take you on a similarly thrilling journey, sprinkled with humor and heart, through the cosmos.

3. Space Dandy (2014)

Space Dandy,’ a quirky and hilarious creation by Shinichiro Watanabe, is a cosmic adventure like no other. The series revolves around the aloof and flamboyant Dandy, a self-proclaimed alien hunter, and his crew’s misadventures in the vastness of the universe. This spacefaring comedy features an eclectic cast, including Junichi Suwabe and Uki Satake, who bring the eccentric characters to life. If you found the space odyssey and offbeat humor of ‘Scavengers Reign’ captivating, ‘Space Dandy’ offers a wild and zany ride through the cosmos, where each episode is a unique and comical encounter with the bizarre and the absurd, making it a delightful choice for fans of space exploration with a comedic twist.

2. Cowboy Bepop (1998-1999)

‘Cowboy Bebop,’ a cult classic created by Shinichiro Watanabe, is a genre-defying space western masterpiece. Set in a futuristic world, it follows a band of intergalactic bounty hunters, led by the enigmatic Spike Spiegel, as they chase down fugitives across the galaxy. The series boasts an iconic jazz-infused soundtrack and a voice cast that breathes life into the memorable characters, including Kōichi Yamadera and Megumi Hayashibara. If you were drawn to the spacefaring adventures and intricate character dynamics in ‘Scavengers Reign,’ ‘Cowboy Bebop’ will transport you to a similar realm of thrilling escapades, stylish noir aesthetics, and a richly developed interstellar universe.

1. Outlaw Star (1998)

‘Outlaw Star,’ created by Takehiko Ito, is a must-watch for fans of ‘Scavengers Reign’ due to its captivating blend of space exploration, treasure hunting, and a charismatic crew. The series follows Gene Starwind, an adventurous outlaw, and his eclectic companions as they journey through a richly detailed galaxy filled with mysteries, ancient relics, and thrilling battles. The show’s narrative depth, well-defined characters, and a quest for hidden treasures resonate with fans of ‘Scavengers Reign’ who appreciate the blend of high-stakes adventure and character-driven storytelling. The voice cast, featuring Bob Buchholz and Ayako Kawasumi, breathes life into the diverse characters, adding depth to the captivating space opera, making it an essential watch for those seeking space-based intrigue and action.

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