Killer Soup: 8 Shows to See if You Liked the Dark Comedy

The Netflix series ‘Killer Soup,’ created by Abhishek Chaubey, Unaiza Merchant, Anant Tripathi, and Harshad Nalawade, unfurls a riveting tale of love, deceit, and the extraordinary lengths to which one will go for ambition. When Swati is caught with her illicit lover Umesh, by her husband, the following scuffle results in the husband’s accidental death. Seizing the opportunity, she concocts a plan to replace him with Umesh using cosmetic surgery.

The conspirators navigate a web of blackmail, hidden agendas, suspicions, and a police investigation while hindered by their own flaws. The black comedic series grips us with eccentric characters, absurd and hilarious situations, and an increasingly convoluting plot. Such a blend of dark humor, crime, and romance can be found in a select few shows like ‘Killer Soup.’

8. A Simple Murder (2020-)

‘A Simple Murder’ unfolds as a darkly comedic thriller set in the bustling city of Delhi. The series follows Manish, a down-on-his-luck entrepreneur whose life takes a dramatic turn when he is mistakenly thought to be a contract killer, receiving a gun and a large bundle of cash. He is expected to assassinate a politician’s daughter but instead becomes embroiled in her neighbor’s murder. The plot thickens as various characters, each with their own motives and eccentricities, converge in a tale of mistaken identities, while Manish and his wife choose between a simple murder or a simple life.

As the narrative unfolds in all its chaos, the series infuses humor into its dark undertones, much like ‘Killer Soup.’ Both shows stand out for their unique blend of suspense and comedy, offering a refreshing take on the crime genre while eliciting laughter in unexpected moments.

7. Kohrra (2023-)

Created by Gunjit Chopra, Sudip Sharma, and Diggi Sisodia, ‘Kohrra’ starts off with a non-resident Indian bridegroom being found murdered in a countryside field. In northern India’s state of Punjab, a veteran sub-inspector and a fresh assistant sub-inspector are assigned to the case of the British Indian. The victim’s family is locally powerful, and its orthodox patriarch levies pressure on everyone involved. Between the bride, her disgruntled ex, friends, extended family, and drug dealers, the policemen face numerous red herrings in their investigation alongside personal obstacles.

Kohrra (fog) surrounds the case with a web of societal norms, family pressures, taboo relationships, and substance abuse, obscuring the truth. The show mirrors ‘Killer Soup’ in its reflection on constricting societal expectations and suffocating patriarchal pressure, leading to extreme steps being taken.

6. Wedding Season (2022)

In the whimsical chaos of ‘Wedding Season,’ Stefan bursts onto the scene of a wedding, objecting to it. The betrothed, Katie McConnell, had been having an affair with Stefan but rejects him as she stands at the alter. After he leaves, the plot takes a dramatic turn, leading to a police interview where he finds himself implicated in the murder of the groom and eight of Kati’s in-laws. Katie herself is the second suspect and a web of suspicions propel Stefan on an unpredictable journey. The black comedy created by Oliver Lyttelton promises a chaotic ride similar to ‘Killer Soup,’ blending love, intrigue, and a murder investigation.

5. Sunflower (2021-)

‘Sunflower,’ crafted by Vikas Bahl, unfolds as a dark comedy thriller that peels back the layers of a middle-class housing society named Sunflower. The narrative follows a quirky and seemingly ordinary resident, Sonu (Sunil Grover), as his hair-brained antics make him the prime suspect in a gruesome crime. As the police fixate on Sonu and the society’s committee fixates on their reputation, the real murderers in the society tread cautiously on the periphery.

Like ‘Killer Soup,’ the series uses a black sense of humor to unfurl its explorations of incompetent authorities, backward-thinking residents, and the unexpected darkness that lurks beneath the surface. With its stellar cast and a plot that keeps audiences guessing, Bahl’s creation offers a fresh and entertaining perspective on the thriller genre within the context of an ordinary residential community.

4. You’re the Worst (2014-2019)

In Stephen Falk’s ‘You’re the Worst,’ the conventional romantic comedy gets a rebellious makeover, offering a distinctive exploration of love, commitment, and the complexities of modern relationships. The series introduces us to Jimmy and Gretchen, two self-absorbed and commitment-phobic individuals who form an unlikely connection. As the two fall for each other, they attempt a relationship, but their eccentricities and unwillingness to open up make things difficult. Matching ‘Killer Soup’ in its artful subversion of romantic clichés, the show delves into the messy and oftentimes dysfunctional aspects of love. Both series feature flawed and unapologetic characters who drive the narrative with their absurdities.

3. Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein (2022-)

A Netflix series created by Sidharth Sengupta, ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein’ follows Vikrant Chauhan, a small-town man looking forward to marrying his lover, Shikha Agarwal. His peaceful life is turned upside down when a politician’s bewitching daughter sets her sights on him. Despite Vikrant’s apprehensions, he is unable to deflect her advances for fear of her father’s wrath. Becoming increasingly trapped in her dangerous world, he must tread carefully while taking huge risks to reclaim control over his life. The series will appeal to fans of ‘Killer Soup’ with its characters going to extreme lengths for the sake of love and desire. The shows find further common ground in their genre-bending appeal, interweaving comedy and crime into their plots of romance.

2. Why Women Kill (2019-2021)

In the wickedly clever creation of Marc Cherry, ‘Why Women Kill’ recites an anthology chronicling the lives of women across different eras, all grappling with infidelity and the darkest corners of desire. Each season unfolds as a distinct yet interconnected narrative, dancing between love and betrayal.

Cherry’s storytelling prowess shines as the series effortlessly transitions from the glamorous 1960s to the sophisticated 1980s, and finally, to the contemporary era. Through vibrant characters and lavish settings, the show scrutinizes the timeless motivations behind marital discord. From housewives in a picturesque past to socialites in the glittering ’80s and modern women navigating the complexities of relationships, ‘Why Women Kill’ delves into the profound, scandalous, and hilariously unexpected moments that lead to fatal outcomes. With a darkly comedic touch and a keen eye for societal nuances, the series is sure to captivate those who have appreciated similar elements in ‘Killer Soup.’

1. Black Widows (2020-)

Based on the Finnish show, ‘Mustat Lesket,’ ‘Black Widows’ blurs the lines between justice and revenge as three seemingly ordinary women take control of their destinies. Created by Radhika Anand, the narrative revolves around Veera, Kavita, and Jayati, who share a traumatic bond of abusive marriages. On a getaway trip, the trio executes a nearly perfect murder of their husbands, with an exploding boat taking the abusive spouses to the bottom of a river.

As the case’s investigator begins to suspect foul play, the widows learn of one of their husbands having survived the incident, and gunning for the ones responsible. Set against the backdrop of scenic Goa, ‘Black Widows’ has a narrative that will resonate with fans of ‘Killer Soup.’ Both series see their female leads suffer in loveless and abusive relationships until they are pushed over the edge and murder their husbands. The series delves into the resilience of women pushed to extremes, challenging perceptions and unraveling a tale of liberation painted in shades of intrigue and suspense.

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