Shrinking Episode 4 Recap: Potatoes

AppleTV+’s ‘Shrinking‘ is a comedy-drama that revolves around Jimmy Laird (Jason Segel), a therapist dealing with the loss of his wife. However, Jimmy takes an unconventional approach to treating his patients, drastically affecting their lives. By the fourth episode, titled ‘Potatoes, ‘ Jimmy effectively ruins several relationships in life due to his stubbornness. However, he quickly realizes his mistakes and starts making amends. However, Jimmy’s relationship with Paul remains contentious. If you are wondering whether Jimmy and Paul reconcile, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Shrinking’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Shrinking Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘Potatoes,’ opens with Jimmy talking to Derek from their balcony. Jimmy is still upset with Liz for interning in his life and telling Paul about Sean living at his house. Later, Jimmy forgives Liz, and things seemingly go back to normal. Meanwhile, Gaby picks up Paul for work, and they have a bonding moment singing along to a song on the radio. On the other hand, Jimmy and Sean’s friendship overshadow their relationship as a therapist and patient.

During their session, Jimmy wants Sean to open up about his time in Afghanistan as they have worked through Sean’s anger issues. However, Sean refuses to talk about his experiences in the army. When Jimmy pressurizes Sean, the latter walks out of the session. As a result, Jimmy seeks Paul’s advice on dealing with Jimmy. However, Paul refuses to discuss his patients with Jimmy. Paul is still upset with Jimmy for refusing to listen to his advice. He believes that by becoming Sean’s friend, he has ruined his authority as a therapist. However, Paul is willing to talk to Jimmy about anything other than work.

Meanwhile, Brian visits Paul as he wants the therapist to sign his estate papers. Brian suggests assigning power of attorney to his daughter as soon as possible. However, Paul reveals that he hasn’t told his daughter, Meg, about his Parkinson’s disease. Meg is coming to visit him later in the day, and Paul agrees to talk to her about a power of attorney. Elsewhere, Alice plays basketball with Gaby while Liz reveals that her son, Conner, is coming from college. However, Alice is unresponsive to the news.

Jimmy holds sessions with his other patients at work but quickly realizes he is making no progress. As a result, Jimmy becomes dejected, especially after a patient tries to kiss him. At home, Gaby and Alice have lunch while gossiping. Alice reveals that she lost her virginity to Conner. However, Jimmy arrives and barges into the conversation. Gaby encourages Alice to tell Jimmy about her first sexual experience. After learning that Alice slept with Conner, Jimmy is enraged at Liz.

Meanwhile, Paul meets his daughter Meg, and they catch up. However, Paul fails to tell Meg about his Parkinson’s disease. As a result, he does not get her signatures on the necessary documents. Simultaneously, Jimmy loses his cool and blames Liz for meddling in his life and Alice and Conner’s hookup. On the other hand, Alice ignores Conner and refuses to return his texts or calls. Liz becomes upset with Jimmy accusing her of messing with his life. Gaby talks to Liz and consoles her while they sit down to have some drinks.

Shrinking Episode 4 Ending: What Will Jimmy Do About Sean?

Jimmy vents his anger by working out on a trampoline. He eventually realizes his mistake and apologizes to Liz. Moreover, Jimmy also thanks Liz for looking after Alice and him during a difficult period in their lives. After resolving their differences, Liz and Gaby invite Jimmy to drink with them. During the conversation, Gaby and Liz talk about their days as teenage girls. The women express concern that Alice might get attracted to Sean, causing further problems for Jimmy. However, Jimmy reassures them that nothing of the sort will happen.

Later, Jimmy apologizes to Sean, and they watch a baseball game together. However, Sean and Jimmy fall asleep in the den. In the final moments, Alice arrives in the den and expresses her admiration for Sean. Jimmy overhears Alice and realizes that Gaby and Liz are right. The episode’s ending implies that Alice might be attracted to Sean. As a result, Jimmy might be forced to ask Sean to move out of their house.

Furthermore, Jimmy has already complicated his relationship with Sean, and they’re not making progress in therapy. Jimmy trusts Sean, but Gaby and Liz’s words might make him think and act irrationally. Thus, Jimmy could end up hurting Sean’s falling. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that Jimmy finds himself in a tricky situation. Hence, it seems like Jimmy will have to turn to Paul for advice. However, Jimmy will have first to mend the bridge between him and Paul.

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