Shyamvar Rai: Where is Indrani Mukerjea’s Driver Now?

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The Sheena Bora murder case unfolded in 2015, with arrests following the apprehension of Shyamvar Rai, the driver of key accused Indrani Mukerjea. Rai’s detailed account of the alleged 2012 murder night led to the arrest of Indrani and her ex-husband, Sanjeev Khanna. The Netflix documentary, ‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story: The Buried Truth,’ delves into the events surrounding the crime and explores Rai’s role in the entire incident.

Who is Shyamvar Rai?

On August 21, 2015, Shyamvar Pinturam Rai was arrested for illegal weapon possession, soon leading to his confession to actively participating in the 2012 murder of Sheena Bora. He implicated Indrani Mukerjea, for whom he worked as a driver, as the mastermind, and identified Sanjeev Khanna as their accomplice for the crime.

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Rai revealed that Indrani communicated the murder plan via Skype, referring to Sheena as her sister, though it later emerged she was her daughter. On the evening of August 24, 2012, Indrani, Sanjeev, and Rai picked up the latter from Bandra. The mastermind, in the back seat, gave her a drink, rendering her unconscious. Sanjeev then joined Indrani in the backseat, and together, they strangled her at a secluded spot.

Rai then went on to allege that Indrani had applied makeup to Sheena and brushed her hair after the fact to avoid suspicion any sort of suspicion from outside. They transported Sheena’s body to Indrani’s Worli house before placing it in the trunk. Rai asserted that he slept in the same car overnight. Early in the morning, the trio took the cold, bagged-up remains to an overgrown spot in Raigad, where they set it on fire.

Rai also confessed to providing physical support to Indrani while she was killing Sheena. And he did so all because his employer had allegedly promised further financial support and assured him of taking care of his family. However, once Indrani and her husband Peter Mukerjea left the country the same year, she informed Rai that his services were no longer required. She provided him with three months’ salary and instructed him to dispose of a gun. While attempting to discard the pistol in the sea later, Rai was arrested by the police.

Shyamvar Rai is Out on Bail Today

Shyamvar Rai, having actively participated in the murder of Sheena Bora, was merely an accused/suspect/defendant at first. However, in June 2016, he was made an approver, meaning he became a prosecution witness and cooperated with authorities. During the ongoing trial against his co-accused, Rai was called for questioning in 2017.

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During his testimony, Rai made additional claims that implicated Indrani further. He stated that a few months post the murder, she sent him to Sheena’s landlord’s house with a letter, which he identified in court. He even alleged that she’d planned to kill not only Sheena but also Mekhail Bora, Sheena’s younger brother and Indrani’s son from her first marriage. He identified one of the suitcases intended for carrying the bodies of the siblings.

Following his testimony, Rai requested court security, fearing for his life, and the CBI supported his claim nearly every step of the way, leading to court-approved security. In August 2022, the Bombay High Court granted Rai bail based on parity with the other co-accused. However, his release was contingent on furnishing a PR bond of Rs 1 Lakh (approx. $1,200) with one or two sureties. Finding the amount hefty, Rai sought provisional cash bail, and as of the latest reports, he has been successful in obtaining the same and is now free. The case continues in court.

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