Silo Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

The eighth episode of Apple TV+’s science-fiction seriesSilo,’ titled ‘Hanna,’ revolves around the past of Juliette Nichols as she recollects her time with her dead mother Hanna Nichols. She tries to find out why her mother killed herself and whether her father Pete Nichols was responsible for the same. Robert Sims tries his best to capture Juliette for possessing a dangerous relic such as the hard drive. When Sims is about to catch her, Juliette seeks the help of an ally, who turns against her in the nuanced climax of the episode. If you are up for a detailed analysis of the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Silo Episode 8 Recap

‘Hanna’ begins with Juliette’s mother taking her to the fields to get a rabbit. She had developed a magnifier as a device that can be used to treat patients. She tested the same by operating on a rabbit, only to find out that doctors could use the same to operate on children like her dead son. However, the Judicial department found out about the magnifier in no time and destroyed the same after rummaging through the things in the Nichols household. Hanna killed herself with the belief that her own husband Pete betrayed her by reporting her device to the Judicial. Juliette, in the present time, finds out that the Judicial knew about the magnifier through the cameras installed all over the silo.

The truth about the Judicial search leads Juliette to believe her father Pete. They reconnect over the truth and she shares an endearing moment with him as his daughter. Robert Sims continues his search for Juliette and the hard drive. Upon hiding the same, she goes to her office, only to find out that Sims is conducting a search at the sheriff’s office. Since he does the same without following the laws, Juliette arrests him and puts him in a cell. Juliette tries to access the hard drive to find out what secrets really led George Wilkins to his death.

When Juliette fails to gain access to the contents of the hard drive, she seeks the help of Lukas Kyle, who refrains from helping her since he doesn’t want to endanger his mother’s safety by involving in any illegal activity. She walks away from him but gets stopped by one of Sims’ officers. Bernard saves her from the search and promises to help her, only for her to reveal to him that Sims is planning a takeover of the silo.

Silo Episode 8 Ending: Will Bernard and Sims Take Over the Silo? Why?

When Juliette seeks Bernard’s help for stopping Sims from taking over the silo, the interim mayor asks her about the hard drive, only for her to realize that Bernard and Sims are a team. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that Bernard is the supreme force who tries to take control of the silo by going over the rules and that Sims is his trusted general. Bernard wants to take over the silo because he believes that he has the intelligence and potency to do so. When the Founders established the silo as a refuge, they wanted people of intelligence to make sure that the principles set by them would be respected and rules would be followed.

For a while, since Allison Becker and George Wilkins had teamed up together to unravel the secrets of the silo, those rules and principles haven’t been followed in the silo. Bernard realizes that a rebellion is on the horizon and people who don’t prioritize the control over the residents of the silo are in power. That’s the reason why he must have arranged the murders of Mayor Ruth Jahns and Deputy Samuel “Sam” Marnes, in addition to Wilkins’ murder. Bernard doesn’t want the weak to rule the silo anymore, especially when someone far more powerful is there to rule the same.

As the head of IT, Bernard knows everything there’s to know about the silo. As the head of the department which controls the servers of the silo, which then controls every activity in the establishment, he must be feeling a sense of power while assuming that position. The same sense of power must be making him aim for the invisible throne of the silo. He may want to display his authority and potency in front of the residents of the establishment rather than becoming a pleasant face among the same as Ruth did. Ultimately, Bernard wants to become a dictator and he doesn’t want the Pact and procedures to come in his way.

To take over the silo, Bernard needs a trustworthy general who will fight any battle for him, which must have led him to Sims. The head of security must be seeking unlimited power and authority in the silo by teaming up with Bernard. He may know that even if Bernard becomes the king of the place, he, as the latter’s general, will have the ultimate power to control the day-to-day lives of the residents of the silo. They may also want to protect the interests of the Founders, who established the silo without giving any regard to the individual freedom of the residents, which aligns with the authoritarian notions the duo nurtures within them. Bernard and Sims may succeed in taking over the silo if Juliette fails to expose them using the secrets stored in George’s hard drive. Since her survival depends on stopping the duo from ruling the silo, Juliette is expected to stop them.

Will Juliette Die?

After getting captured by Bernard and Sims, along with the hard drive, Juliette tries to escape from them. She frees herself from the clutches of the officers who have captured her and snatches the bag that contains the hard drive from the two forces who want to take over the silo. She then jumps from the floor to escape from captivity. Since George dies upon falling from a top level the same way, the viewers must be concerned about Juliette’s decision. However, she is expected to live. Before jumping from the floor, she takes a good look at the bottom and she may have found a way to save herself rather than ending up on the ground floor like George did.

There can be something or a place where Juliette can land between the floor she jumps from and the ground. Even if Juliette saves her life this time, her life is expected to remain under threat. Bernard and Sims must have realized that she is not someone they can easily deal with, especially when she possesses the hard drive that can cause a rebellion which will eliminate their plans to take over the silo. Therefore, they may try their best to kill Juliette as they killed George, Ruth, and Marnes. Juliette may need to unravel the secrets in the hard drive and expose Bernard and Sims to the residents of the silo before they kill her to save her life.

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