Singapore Social: Where is the Cast Now?

Set in the vibrant city-state of Singapore and briefly exploring Los Angeles, ‘Singapore Social’ is a groundbreaking Netflix Original television series that offers viewers a refreshing and authentic glimpse into the lives of young, successful Singaporeans as they navigate the challenging realms of career, romance, and family. What sets this show apart is not only its captivating concept but also its status as the first docuseries with an all-Asian cast based in Asia for global release.

In an industry where representation can sometimes be lacking, especially for Asian communities, ‘Singapore Social’ has been widely recognized for breaking barriers and paving the way towards more diverse storytelling. As viewers follow these individuals on their journey, they witness firsthand the challenges and triumphs that come with defying societal expectations. Let’s embark on an exciting exploration to discover where these talented individuals from ‘Singapore Social’ are today – continuing their pursuit of dreams and defying expectations with grace and determination.

Where is Sukki Singapora Now?

Sukki Singapora AKA Sukki Menon, has led an inspiring and impactful life beyond the ’Singapore Social’ stint and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. After her appearance on the show, she appeared in the 2022 short film ‘Dreamscapes’ directed by Karolina Skorek. She is also the writer, director, and composer of the short film, ‘I See Her.’ Sukki has also been a Global Ambassador for the Sharan Project since December 2013 and an Alumni and ambassador of the Women of the Future Programme since January 2018. She has made significant contributions towards empowering vulnerable women facing domestic abuse or forced marriage situations and focused on nurturing young female leaders across various industries globally.

In the summer of 2022, Sukki dedicated her time as a humanitarian aid worker at Asociacija Lygiai in Lithuania, a non-political and non-profit organization that advocates for gender equality, feminism, and sexual rights issues such as stalking, sextortion, abortion, gender violence, and violence by proxy. Moreover, she was the Creative Director for the Singapore International Festival of Arts: Love Divine from January to June 2023. Sukki played an instrumental role in curating an immersive experience that celebrated love through diverse perspectives while championing inclusion and giving voice to underground talent internationally.

Where is Paul Foster Now?

Paul Foster, the versatile actor, model, and host, resides in Singapore. After ‘Singapore Social,’ Paul was seen in the docuseries ‘The Big Clean Up.’ With a passion for fitness and a dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Paul can often be found hitting the gym. He also possesses an unwavering love for food and travel, constantly exploring different cuisines and embarking on exciting adventures around the globe. He is also a big fan of the English soccer club Liverpool FC. However, what truly sets him apart is his deep-rooted sense of compassion towards others. Engaging in charitable endeavors has become second nature to Paul as he actively contributes to numerous causes close to his heart.

Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn for him when he discovered significant blockages in two arteries and two branches of his heart during routine medical examinations. Undeterred by this critical health scare at a relatively young age – something nobody would have anticipated from someone so devoted to physical fitness – Paul underwent an invasive angiogram procedure in February 2023. Skilled surgeons inserted four stents and two balloons into his arteries to alleviate the blockages and allow blood flow without hindrance. He is now in good health and lives happily with his girlfriend, Joey Kukielka, their five cats – Moshi Moshi, Bongo, Kiwi, Percy, and Tyson – and a husky named Bam Bam.

Where is Nicole Ong Now?

Currently residing in Singapore, Nicole Ong of ‘Singapore Social’ has been making waves in various fields since her appearance. Since December 2018, she has been a Chapter Lead at SoGal Foundation—a global platform dedicated to empowering women and diverse entrepreneurs through resources, education, and community-building within its extensive network of over 100K individuals worldwide.  Nicole’s passion for environmental conservation shines through her advisory role for Aquaria—an organization determined to safeguard access to water against droughts and other climate change-related effects. As an advisor specifically focusing on the Asia region since 2022, Nicole contributes significantly towards Aquaria’s mission by promoting their innovative atmospheric water generators.

Nicole serves as a Limited Partner at Infinity Ventures Crypto. She is also a Founding Partner at Athena Advisory — a reputable advisory business catering exclusively to the digital asset market. Her involvement exemplifies her deep understanding of this rapidly evolving industry and positions her as a trusted authority among fellow professionals seeking guidance regarding digital assets. In February 2023, she co-founded The Vanguard, a climate-focused physical hub to catalyze capital, innovation, and a community of purpose-driven leaders. Nicole Ong’s impressive achievements undoubtedly solidify her status as an influential figure within various domains.

Where is Mae Tan Now?

Mae Tan, a prominent figure in the reality show ‘Singapore Social,’ has made significant strides since her appearance on the series. Residing in Singapore, Mae currently holds directorial positions at two esteemed establishments. She is actively involved in Sushi Sakuta, an exquisite omakase restaurant led by renowned chef Yoshio Sakuta. Additionally, she plays a significant role alongside Chef Takahiro Shima at Tenshima, which provides an extraordinary Tempura Omakase experience.

Mae’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found Magic System — a creative agency specializing in digital marketing and branding strategies. The Singaporean influencer is deeply passionate about sustainable fashion and has taken several steps to promote a more eco-conscious lifestyle. In April 2020, Mae collaborated with Vestiaire Collective, an online luxury resale platform, launching the ‘Wardrobe Reality Check Challenge.’ Demonstrating her commitment to giving back during uncertain times, Mae selected over 30 items from her own wardrobe and donated the proceeds to Red Cross Singapore’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

As an eco-conscious fashion influencer, Mae utilizes Instagram as a platform for advocating circular fashion practices and actively volunteers with Zero Waste Singapore—a non-profit organization focused on waste reduction. Aside from her professional pursuits, Mae enjoys traveling immensely. When international borders finally reopened after months of pandemic-induced lockdowns worldwide, she wasted no time embarking on exciting adventures around the globe. Within just six months, she traveled to Chamonix, Lisbon, Los Angeles, New York, London, Bali, and Bangkok.

Where is Vinny Sharp Now?

Vinesh Nagrani AKA Vinny Sharp currently resides in Singapore. In 2021, he was invited as a guest on Sejal Bagaria’s podcast, ‘The Spill Sesh with Sej,’ where he candidly shared insights into his love for filmmaking and reflected upon his experience on reality television. Additionally, he made headlines with the launch of his first fragrance, Queen Of Snakes (QOS), which was accompanied by a visually captivating video directed by Vinny himself—truly capturing both the essence of the fragrance and its remarkable journey from conception to creation.

Vinny’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found 1Bstories in 2021—a groundbreaking platform that harnesses AI technology to help brands and publishers create captivating short-form videos at scale. Serving as the Chief Content Officer, Vinny played a pivotal role in assisting content creators worldwide with repurposing existing material or crafting entirely new creations.

Vinny is the co-founder of Habouji — an intriguing establishment that orchestrates events with a strong cultural influence derived from North African and Middle Eastern origins. This innovative venture prides itself on blending food elements, particularly hummus, with its events to create a unique and stimulating social experience. Beyond his professional achievements, it is worth mentioning that Vinny possesses a genuine appreciation for culinary delights. As a self-proclaimed foodie, he enjoys savoring dishes like Hokkien Mee—a popular local favorite—adding further depth to his vibrant personality.

Where is Tabitha Nauser Now?

The popular singer Tabitha Nauser currently lives in Singapore. She has recently embraced motherhood, as she and her partner, Louie, who is also her Music Development Manager, welcomed a baby girl into this world. They share their home with a lovable Golden Retriever and Husky mix named Deefa, a charming bulldog, and two adorable cats. She loves traveling and is an adventure seeker. She embarked on an incredible road trip through Thailand even while carrying their unborn child. It was during this adventure that they hiked up a mountain in Chiang Mai, covering over 21,000 steps and 14.8 km, when Tabitha was already six months pregnant!

The fearless couple didn’t let pregnancy slow them down as they embraced every moment of their journey together. As she continues to captivate audiences with her soulful voice, it is exciting to note that she has music planned for release next year. Tabitha Nauser’s journey doesn’t stop there; she has recently joined Mediacorp’s Bloomr.SG incubator program, a multifaceted platform dedicated to nurturing social media content creators in Singapore, indicating a focus on both her music and social media presence in the coming year.

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