Lifetime’s Single Black Female 2 Simone’s Revenge: Filming Sites and Cast Details

Directed by Shari Lynette Carpenter, ‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge’ continues the story of Monica three years after the events of ‘Single Black Female,’ as she prospers in Seattle, taking strides in her career and personal life. However, she still hasn’t mentally recovered from the traumatic incidents with Simone, her half-sister. Having nightmares about her obsessive sibling’s return, Monica reaches out to her best friend, Bebe, who assures her everything is fine and reassures her to revel in her success.

Meanwhile, we discover that Simone is still alive, but is suffering from memory loss. Having begun a new life as a nun, she is doing charitable work at a Texas thrift store when a television broadcast of Monica causes all her memories to come flooding back. As Simone slips back into her murderous ways and begins to haunt Monica once more in Seattle, the Lifetime thriller film takes us across a range of urban environments, from television studios to sleek modern homes. With scenes of Seattle and Texas seemingly featured in the film, one may ponder whether shooting for the movie actually took place there.

Where Was Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge Filmed?

‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge’ was largely filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, with a few shots captured in Seattle, Washington. Principal photography began in early June of 2023 and was wrapped up by June 30 of the same year, just before the beginning of the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. The spirits behind the scenes remained high, even as the cast and crew worked late into the night to keep up with tight filming schedules. Allow us to take you through the shooting sites chosen to lens the Lifetime production.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta became the primary filming location for ‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge,’ with the bulk of shooting for the film taking place in and around the city. The capital city of Georgia stands as a premier filming destination, offering a multitude of advantages that have cemented its status as a top choice for film production companies. Boasting a combination of attractive tax incentives, affordable production costs, robust infrastructure, diverse locations, and a favorable climate, Atlanta provides an ideal setting for filmmakers seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

Owing to all that, film producers are drawn to set up shop in Atlanta, and Swirl Films, the company behind ‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge,’ is located in the city at 4370 Peachtree Road NorthEast. Atlanta’s cost of living and production expenses are reportedly lower compared to other major production hubs like Los Angeles or New York. This affordability extends to crew wages, equipment rentals, and accommodations, resulting in significant savings throughout the production process.

Seattle, Washington

‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge’ features establishing shots of the dynamic urban sprawl of Seattle in King County, Washington. Nestled along Elliott Bay in the Pacific Northwest, it is the implied setting for most of the film. Cinematic shots of the city’s emblematic skyline are featured at various points throughout the movie. The iconic Space Needle observation tower on 400 Broad Street can be seen prominently in these scenes.

Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge Cast

Reprising her role as Monica is Raven Goodwin, a Washington-born actress who first stepped into the limelight with her performance as Annie Marks in ‘Lovely & Amazing.’ You may have seen her in the series ‘SMILF’ as Eliza or in ‘Being Mary Jane’ as Niecy. She can also be spotted in ‘The Station Agent,’ ‘Snatched,’ and ‘Curves.’ Starring opposite her once again as Simone is Amber Riley. Amber is most known for her essaying of Mercedes Jones in ‘Glee.’ Her other roles include Kandi in ‘Christmas Déjà Vu,’ Addapearle in ‘The Wiz Live!,’ and Jackie Turner in ‘One Christmas Wish.’

K. Michelle takes up the supporting role of Bebe Morgan. Michelle is a singer, composer, and actress making her film debut with ‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge.’ Further cast members include Christine Horn as Kendyl Rouse, Kendrick Cross as Trevor Williams, Princess Elmore as Mrs. Tate, Morgan Alexandria as Layla Clinton, and John Crow as Detective Hudson.

Other cast include Stella Doyle as Sister Margaret, Andrea Andrade as Female Officer, Audrey Fafard as Woman, Angel Pean as Joy, Hope Jordan as Kelly, and Wisdom Allah as Takeout Server. Also featured are Pamela Gold as Sister Iris, along with Joshua Wade as Drunk Guy, Taylor Upchurch as Floor Director, Frankie Marasa as Tour Guide, Shawntae Hughes as Security Officer, and Deliza White as Young Simone.

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