Sistas Season 2 Episode 19: What’s in Store?

The 18th episode of ‘Sistas’ season 2 was an interesting one, especially if you’re a fan of Gary and Andi’s extended dynamic. But fingers are being raised, and Karen is one person who does not want things to be happening the way they are. Hence, Andi becomes a subject of her anger and aggression. If you want to recall the last episode, you can read the recap at the end. But if you are looking for details about the upcoming episode, here’s everything we know about ‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 19!

Sistas Season 2 Episode 19 Release Date

‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 19 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, at 8 pm ET and 7 pm CT on BET. Every episode has a runtime of less than an hour.

Where to Stream Sistas Season 2 Episode 19 Online?

Fans of the show can watch ‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 19 by tuning to BET at the time mentioned above. In case you missed the television broadcast, you can watch the episode on BET’s official website and the BET app. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can access the show on live TV platforms, such as DirecTV, YouTube TV, Philo TVFubo TV, and Sling TV. The latest episodes of ‘Sistas’ are also available for purchase or rent on Apple TV, iTunes, and Amazon Prime.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 19 Spoilers

‘Sistas’ season 2 episode 19 is titled ‘Severing All Ties.’ In this episode, we will get to see the sisters tied up in deeper relationship problems. Andi and Gary might take their relationship to the next step, or she will end up listening to Karen’s advice and break it off with Gary. Maurice might decide to embrace his real identity.

Sistas Season 2 Episode 18 Recap

‘Tyler Perry’s Sistas’ season 2 episode 18 is called ‘When It’s Midnight.’ In the episode, we see Gary proposing to Andi and Andi saying yes. This comes off as a shock considering his history of exhibiting dominating and controlling behavior. Karen then pops up at Andi’s house. She tries to be her friend and protect her from Gary. On the other hand, Danni is dating Preston and that has its own challenges. She asks him if his family is rich and makes it clear that she’s not with him because of his money.

Meanwhile, things between Sabrina and Jacobi are progressing. But his intentions are still not apparent to the viewers, neither is Sabrina aware of what he is up to. Kevin suspects that Maurice might be gay, a topic previously closed in season 1 when he confirmed that he is not. But Maurice and Kevin are roommates, and Kevin comes across events that suggest otherwise. Elsewhere, Fatima is growing closer to Zac, but it is debatable whether their relationship will survive because of his past.

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