Where Was Sistas Filmed?

‘Sistas’ is a comedy-drama series that follows the friendship of four single women as they maneuver through the drama in their lives in the modern times of social media, which sets unrealistic expectations for relationships. Andrea Barnes (K.J. Smith), Karen Mott (Ebony Obsidian), Daniella King (Mignon Von), and Sabrina Hollins (Novi Brown) are the four friends at the core of the show. Written and directed by Tyler Perry, the show has garnered a decent fanbase since its premiere in October 2019. In case you’re wondering about the locations where ‘Sistas’ was filmed, we have got your back!

Sistas Filming Locations

The show was shot primarily in July, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic but with strict precautions. It is one of the earliest projects to resume filming after the world-wide production halt. Both seasons 1 and 2 were shot extensively at the Tyler Perry Studios in Georgia. Here are the specific filming details!

Tyler Perry Studios, Georgia

The film production studio is exactly located at 315 Deshler St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, United States. Since the show was filmed at the peak of the pandemic, the actors were flown in from New York and Los Angeles on Perry’s private plane. The entire cast and crew were tested for COVID-19 and required to stay on the 330-acre studio property throughout the duration of filming. The property used to be a military base for Fort McPherson during the civil war era and has been jokingly referred to as “Camp Quarantine” during the filming of ‘Sistas.’

Perry used quarantine bubbles for the cast, which is also used for sportspersons. The team was tested multiple times after their arrival – every four days, to be precise. The commencement of the shoot was slightly delayed as the team awaited the reports for their test. However, everything worked out since Perry usually shoots a season in about two and a half weeks. The filming was done on an accelerated schedule, with each episode being shot in a day or less.

In an interview with Variety, Perry shared that other concerns that came with shooting amid a pandemic were a lesser number of people on set, especially the extras. The same people had to be changed up, and camera work had to be done accordingly so that their faces weren’t visible to avoid being recognized. In the worst-case scenario, the crew had to jump in to participate in the scenes. Here is a behind-the-scenes video of the filming process from K.J. Smith’s Instagram account.


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