Skip and Loafer Episode 11 Recap: Hype and Excitement

In ‘Skip and Loafer’ or ‘Skip to Loafer’ episode 11 titled ‘Hype and Excitement,’ Mitsumi along with other students from the student council work hard together to ensure that the school festival is fun. Yuzuki is disappointed as no one really cares much about her painting and the boys keep hitting on her. On the second day of the school festival, a boy named Keiri gets lost in the crowd while his mother desperately tries to find him.

Mitsumi Helps His Friends Organise the School Festival

As the school festival begins, Mitsumi and other students put their heads together to ensure that the school festival is a success. Just like every other year, a huge crowd arrives to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile, Tokiko is overthinking every aspect of the preparation while Kazakami takes things lightly. This naturally frustrates her as she is obsessed with doing everything methodically. Shima also participates in the play and appears quite unbothered by his past experiences.

In the Art Room, Yuzuki puts the portrait of her dog on display, hoping that people will appreciate her work. Unfortunately, Yuzuki keeps getting hit on by boys and realizes that no one really pays attention to the effort one puts into their work when one is physically attractive. Makoto notices this and makes sure that she introduces her two other friends to Yuzuki’s painting and praises her as she observes from a distance. Later, Mitsumi learns from one of her friends that Takizawa-senpai is actually dating Hayami for the last few days.

Who is Keiri?

At the school festival, a woman asks her child if he was an egg sandwich. As she is buying one, the little boy notices a group of people and becomes curious about what they are staring at. He goes to the other side, while her mother is busy buying a sandwich. When she eventually notices that her son is missing, she naturally panics and starts looking for him. Soon afterward, the boy also realizes that his mother is not around but he remembers that she was heading to class 1-3. Somehow he manages to find the class with the help of two strangers who are kind enough to help him.

Interestingly, the class he ends up in is actually where Mitsumi and her friends study. When Mitsumi notices the young boy, she recognizes him Shima-kun’s younger brother because of the keychain on his bag. It turns out that she is right and the young boy introduces himself as a three-year-old Keiri Shima. They start questioning him about what happened while Mitsumi rushes to the HQ, to figure out where his mother is. Elsewhere, Shousuke is watching the Drama Club School Festival Performance, unbeknownst to the fact that his mother has come to the school.

Kanechika leaves everyone stunned with his brilliant performance, while Shousuke also appears to be in awe of his acting. That’s when Takumi finds him and tells him that his brother got lost in the school festival and ended up in their class. Shousuke had no idea that his family had come there, so he rushes to meet his brother. Strangely, he feels that Keiri is not interested in him at all. Takumi listens to him but then argues that kids as young as his brother do not really care about the things that Shousuke is unnecessarily overthinking.

When Shousuke finally reaches his class, he finds Keiri laughing as his friends try to keep him entertained. When he finally notices his older brother, he suddenly starts crying and hugs him. Shousuke finally realizes that he was probably concerned for him and appears to feel that he may have misunderstood the dynamics of the relationship that they share. Meanwhile, Mitsumi finally finds Shousuke’s mother and informs her that her son is safe.

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