Skip and Loafer Episode 4 Recap: Tingling Culet

In ‘Skip and Loafer’ or ‘Skip to Loafer’ episode 4 titled ‘Tingling Culet,’ Mitsumi is asked by Kanechika to convince Sousuke to join the acting/drama club. Although she is really nervous to talk about the topic to him, when the two friends eventually talk about the subject, she learns some really intimate details about Shima’s life. However, the two friends eventually find a way to strengthen their bond and Mitsumi tells Kanechika that Sosuke won’t be joining his club for personal reasons.

Mitsumi Tries to Persuade Shima

After Mitsumi arrives at the school hoping that it will be a good day, she meets Kanechika. She apologizes to him for not being able to join his club. Kanechika sees this as an opportunity and convinces her to watch a show with her. It turns out that the show they watch actually stars a younger Shima. Mitsumi feels that Sosuke is a gifted actor while Kanechika stresses the fact that having mastered such a range of emotions at his age is just incredible.

Kanechika then requests Mitsumi to convince Sosuke to join the acting club. As Mitsumi thinks more about the subject, she realizes that Shima has never mentioned his acting credentials even once. This means that he has no interest in the field anymore and does not want others to know that he was associated with it. Mitsumi worries that she may offend him by bringing up the topic and it worries her so much that she cannot focus anywhere.

Eventually she ends up getting hurt when a volleyball hits her in the coat while she is lost in her thoughts. When she is taken to the nurse’s room, Sosuke sees her and decides to check up on her. That’s when the two end up talking and the Mitsumi brings up the topic of acting. She learns that Shima only acted to make his mother happy and has no interest in the field anymore. The two end up having a deep conversation about ambition and failure and eventually promise to have each other’s back regardless of where they may end up in life.

Later, Mitsumi worries that she has not been doing well despite having decent grades. The teacher advises her to meet Takamine as she is one of the most disciplined students in school. Mitsumi eventually starts spending time with Takamine to learn from her. Although Mitsumi gets some valuable insights, Takamine’s constant struggle to keep up with her multiple responsibilities is also revealed. Things only get worse from worse one day as they are hanging out and Takamine keeps missing her deadlines on the schedule because of different reasons. Eventually, she also misses her bus which really pushes her schedule back and she feels really disappointed.

Why Does Takamine Not Want Mitsumi To Follow Her Lifestyle?

After the bus finally arrives, Takamine and Mitsumi take their seat. By this time, Takamine is already more than an hour behind her schedule and feels that she can use the travel time to study Geography- with the hope that it will eventually compensate for the time that has been wasted. But just when she is focusing on her book, Mitsumi draws her attention by asking her to look outside. Although she is initially angry, Takamine is mesmerized by the view and forgets everything for a moment.

When Mitsumi eventually notices that she called her at the wrong time, she apologizes immediately and decides to study with her. Later that night, Mitsumi looks back at her day and notices how amazing Takamine is. With her as an inspiration and the desire to live every moment so that she does not have any regrets, she decides to make a minute-by-minute schedule. Naturally, this is a complicated task and takes her many hours.

Meanwhile, Takamine is having nightmares about missing the bus but this time the dream ends on a good note with her finding another bus and traveling to the stars with a cat. This coupled with the evening spent with Mitsumi eventually has a profound impact on Takamine’s philosophy of life. The following day at school, Mitsumi shows off her carefully planned schedule to Sousuke, which she has designed after waking up late the previous night.

However, Shima can see that she seems really tired and points out that her extensive planning won’t serve her if doesn’t get enough rest. That’s when Mitsumi sees Takamine walking towards her in the hallway. She seems quite at peace now and later advises Mitsumi not to follow the lifestyle that she leads. Takamine asks her to instead have an individualistic approach to how she spends her time and not be too inflexible. Naturally, she knows the dangers of overplanning and appears to be a bit concerned for Mitsumi who looks up to her.

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