Skip and Loafer Episode 6 Recap: Drizzling and Flickering

In ‘Skip and Loafer’ or ‘Skip to Loafer’ episode 6 titled ‘Drizzling and Flickering,’ Mitsumi learns that her childhood friend Fumiko is in love. Later that day in school, the students are told about the upcoming exams. When Mitsumi hears the rumors that Shima is careless about his academics, she gets so concerned that she has nightmares. When the two of them get to talk about the issue, the duo ends up having a misunderstanding.

Fumiko Falls In Love

Just before going to school, Mitsumi has a video call with her childhood friend Fumiko, in which she reveals that she likes a boy in her school. Although they are from different classes, the two of them met through a school club. Mitsumi appears curious about love and romance, so it’s not surprising that she eventually asks Fumiko what it’s like to be in love. Fumiko explains that she gets super nervous while talking to him and worries too much about not saying the wrong thing.

Later that day, Mitsumi and her classmates learn about the upcoming exams. Since she wants to get into a good university, Mitsumi is serious about doing well. Interestingly, she later finds out that Shima is absent that day. Other students tell her that he does not take academics that seriously and often bunks in classes just to sleep. This thought gives Mitsumi nightmares as she imagines that he will eventually drop out of school at some point.

Shima shows up very late the following day and makes an excuse in front of other students. Meanwhile, Mitsumi is still deeply concerned for him. When the teacher tells the duo to stay longer in the class to punch together some papers, the two finally get to talk. Mitsumi expresses her concern but struggles to keep her emotions in check.

As she rambles on about grades, Shima tells her that not everyone cares about grades as much as her. His tone is a bit harsh and Mitsumi just runs away. Later that day, Shima explains the scenario to his friend and opens up feeling guilty. Meanwhile, Mitsumi feels that she is responsible for making Sosuke angry and has a sleepless night. The following day, Mitsumi approaches Mika for advice.

Does Mitsumi Like Sousuke?

After Mika advises Mitsumi that it is okay if she holds fast to her statement provided she communicated her point in the right manner, Iwakura realizes that she does not even know what she truly wanted to Sousuke. This leads to a ton of self-criticism and introspection. After thinking deeply about the whole incident, Mitsumi meets Shima so that they can finally discuss everything. The two of them are already confused but Shima is mature enough to keep the differences aside and takes the initiative to normalize things by apologizing to Mitsumi for being a bit harsh the previous day.

As he is in a hurry, he then starts to walk away. That’s when Mitsumi stops him and confesses that she acted the way she did only because she wanted Shima to come to school more often as school was boring without him. She feels embarrassed after that and tries to run away. Interestingly, Sousuke stops her this time and reveals that his family is quite uninvolved at this point in his life. Therefore, he often spends the night at his friend’s house. He even mentions that he would stay out late during the third year because of cram school.

Shima then reassures Mitsumi that he is not as much of a mess as she probably considers him to be. He finally comes to the point when he reveals that he wasn’t mad at her for bugging him but instead hated the idea that she believed the rumors that students spread about him. Shima tells Mitsumi that he is fine with people making rumors about him, but he obviously does not want her to believe them. Once the friends have finally made up, Shima bursts out laughing at the fact that everything sounded so dramatic as they finally opened up.

Mitsumi could barely stare at him continuously as she suddenly feels vulnerable and realizes that she just wants to run away. That’s when she recalls Fumino’s explanation of love and realizes that she needs to call her childhood friend immediately. Although there is no direct confession at this point, Mitsumi’s behavior and her own realization do appear to reveal the obvious that she is into Shima.

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