Skip and Loafer Episode 7 Recap: Hectic and Hot Stuff

In ‘Skip and Loafer’ or ‘Skip to Loafer’ episode 7 titled ‘Hectic and Hot Stuff,’ Tokiko loses the student council president election and struggles to come to terms with it. However, when Kanechika shows a film that he made at a very young age, she gains a new perspective on life that changes everything. Meanwhile, Mitsumi asks Shima to go to the zoo with her during the summer break.

Kaenchika Comes to Term With Losing Elections

Mitsumi joins her first student council roundtable after becoming the secretary. New Student Council President Kazahami Hiroto gives a short speech and everything goes smoothly. After the meeting, Mitsumi meets Narumi Kanechika and they have a brief discussion. When they come across Tokiko, Kanechika mentions that her duties as a vice president are just as important as that of the president.

However, he then notices that she does not like the topic being brought up at all and decides to leave. Sometime earlier, the elections for the student council president were held. Tokiko was confident to win but everything changed when Kazahami also stood for election. Since he is a famous student who had to drop out of the football team because of an injury, he ultimately wins the election and became the new president.

Naturally, Tokiko did not take this well initially as she has working for the student council since the first year. Later Kanechika shows Mitsumi and others a movie that he had made at a young age after deciding that he will become a director. That inspires Tokiko who realizes that she had led a gloomy life until now. Therefore, she decides to make some changes to her lifestyle and gives herself some time to enjoy her schedule.

Who is Ririka?

After school hours, Shima talks to Mitsumi about the zoo overcrowdedness they have previously discussed in the past. He then mentions that after thorough research he has found out that things are not that bad during the weekdays even during the summer break. That’s when Mika is about to enter the class and notices the duo. In order to not disturb them, she decides to not go inside.

Mitsumi points out to Shima that his findings are not surprising considering adults don’t really get a summer break. She does fantasize about going to the zoo with him but is a bit unsure whether to ask him out or not. However, when Shima asks her if she was going with someone, Mitsumi accidentally asks him to go with her. For a moment, Shima is shocked but then he smiles at her and agrees to go. Mika has watched the whole episode unfold standing at the door and decides to leave the two alone.

When Mika is walking outside, she is shocked to see a girl who asks her which class Shima Shosuke is in. Just a moment earlier, Mitsumi realized that he only agreed to go with her so nonchalantly because he sees her as a friend. That’s when Shima go a phone call from someone and left the room immediately. A few minutes later, Mika arrived in the room with the girl who has asked her for directions to Shima’s class. It turns out that her name is Ririka Saijou. Mitsumi is stunned by her beauty and they are then shocked to learn that Shima went outside looking for her.

When Shima comes back to the class, the two leave together. Although Mitsumi does not know much about her, Mika shows her a magazine that features Ririka on the cover. She then explains that Saijou is quite a popular celebrity. Although the episode does not reveal much about Ririka, she is actually Shima’s childhood friend. The two of them have known each other for a long time.

The duo had been child actors together and one scandal has left Ririka with some psychological wounds that continue to haunt her to this day. Shima has been somewhat connected to the whole incident and even feels the guilt for a few reasons although both of them were too young at the time. The future episodes are likely to shed more light on the relationship that they share and obviously, the incident that has left a scar on Ririka.

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