Skip and Loafer Episode 9 Recap: Drowsy and Peppy

In ‘Skip and Loafer’ or ‘Skip to Loafer’ episode 9 titled ‘Drowsy and Peppy,’ Mitsumi goes back to her hometown to spend the summer break there. She finally meets her old friends after a long time and enjoys a few weeks with them and her family. When the summer break is over, Mitsumi learns that the school festival is going to be organized soon and about 7,000 people are expected to come for the event.

Mitsumi Meets Her Family and Friends

As the summer break begins, Mitsumi takes the flight back to her hometown to spend a few weeks with her family and childhood friends. Her family is naturally happy to see her and welcomes her with open arms. Mitsumi’s grandmother cooks a lot of food for her to eat and the family has a fun time together. Later that evening, she finally reunites with her best friend Fumi. It turns out that she has already started dating the guy she told Mitsumi about. The two friends are really excited as one of them starts a new chapter in their life.

Fumi has called the rest of their friends too and everyone plays together that evening. The following morning, Mitsumi wakes up quite late. Fumi visits her house and the two friends along with Mitsumi’s siblings go to the beach to play together. Mitsumi spends the next few weeks enjoying herself and returns to the city when the summer break is over. She is looking forward to the new session ahead of herself.

Shima is the first person she meets after the break. When they run into Kanechika, he invites them to the play that he is organizing for the school festival. The preparation for the festival is in its last stages and since the Student council plays a critical role in it, all the students are called for a meeting. Mitsumi is surprised to notice how big of a deal the event really is and is looking forward to contributing as much as possible.

Why Does Shima Feel That He Doesn’t Deserve Anything? How Does Mitsumi Make a Difference in His Life?

After the Student Council briefing on the upcoming festival, Mitsumi is really excited about the next few days. As she is walking in the corridor with her colleagues, she sees Shima. Although she eagerly wants to talk to him, she feels that she will probably be disturbing him. But then Mitsumi realizes that when one hasn’t talked to someone in a while, it’s natural to be afraid that the person does not like one anymore.

However, when one is happy it’s also quite common that one wants to share their happiness with others. Therefore, she goes back to the class to get the squid crackers she brought from her hometown and follows Shima. When the two finally meet, she hands him the chocolates. Mitsumi is still excited about the school festival so she tells Shima that over 7,000 attendees come to the festival each year and it’s almost as big as a concert.

Since she has never experienced anything so grand, she naturally wants to be as involved as possible. She also shares more about the planning that has gone into the entire event. As Mitsumi continues to talk, Shima listens patiently. She eventually feels that he probably does not care and tries to calm herself down. Interestingly, she even tells Shima what she just noticed but he does not say much. As she walks away, we finally learn why that happened.

Shima recalls Ririka telling him that he does not deserve to have a fun high school and he has accepted that as a fact of his life. Therefore, he remains cold and distant from all of Mitsumi’s excitement and does not appear to care. But Mitsumi notices everything and is constantly looking out for him. When it is announced that her class will organize a play at the school festival, Shima appears worried. Apart from Mitsumi, no one else notices this, and probably no one else truly understands why it worries him so much.

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