Sky and Skylar From sMothered: Everything We Know

The bond between a mother and daughter is considered to be one of the purest and most unconditional bonds in the world, but there can be times when the love and affection get out of hand, turning into something unconventional and uncomfortable. Such mother-daughter relationships are covered by TLC’s ‘sMothered,’ which is a reality TV series that gives a detailed account of the life of unique bonds between a mother and daughter.

There have been many mother-daughter duos in the show over the years, but only some have entertained and shocked the viewers like Sky and Skylar have. Living together, the duo have high ambitions for themselves as they attempt to achieve them, which is sweet and normal, but there are times when they get way too comfortable with each other while making others uncomfortable. Naturally, their admirers might want to learn more about the eccentric mother-daughter duo.

Everything We Know About Sky

The effervescent Sky Blu is a resident of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. At first glance, you won’t be able to make out that the Event Planner and Manager is the mother of a young adult daughter named Skylar Marie. When asked about the secret behind her glowing and youthful appearance, the 45-year-old (at the time of filming) quipped on the podcast ‘Everyday is Friday Show’ that she drank the water from the Fountain of Youth. She further mentioned that she began getting facials and chemical peel treatment since she was 18, which has helped her maintain her skin and stay younger-looking. Growing up, Sky had a dream of making it into the entertainment industry and ultimately becoming the next Beyoncé.

In an attempt to realize her dreams, Sky worked on certain skills that would help her do so and learned how to dance, sing, and choreograph. However, destiny had other plans for the free-spirited personality. Things didn’t quite work out for Sky and her dreams remained unfulfilled. Nevertheless, when she gave birth to Skylar, she felt like she got another opportunity to manifest her dreams into reality through her little bundle of love and joy. Naturally, Sky grabbed the chance with both hands.

Upon welcoming Skylar into the world, Sky was filled with happiness as she held her little daughter in her arms. On the fifth installment of the show, Sky confessed, “When Skylar was first born, I held her in my hands and I said, ‘This is me, all over again.'” Over the years, she has formed a close-knit bond with Skylar, doing everything she can to make her ready to follow in her footsteps and go all the way, something she couldn’t manage to do. Even though Sky wasn’t able to fulfill her dreams, she supports and supervises her daughter’s career thoroughly, now that Skylar is all grown up.

Since her daughter has come of age, Sky has been serving as her “momager,” that is mom plus manager, ensuring that the young woman receives all the guidance and training she needs to step into the world of entertainment. She is also in charge of arranging bookings for Skylar, ranging from hosting parties to attending events as a brand ambassador as well as featuring in movies, shows, music videos or commercials.

When she is not making videos with her younger one or attending events, Sky loves to let her hair down and dance her heart out at parties. Not just that, the fierce woman is also the holder of two proclamations from City of Milton and City of Alpharetta, which she received in early 2023. A true believer in God, Sky is a staunch supporter of women-run businesses and is always there for her friends whenever they need her.

Everything We Know About Skylar

Skylar Marie, who was 19-years-old at the time of filming, is an artist, model, and singer living with her “momager” in Atlanta, Georgia, trying to blow up in the ever-so-competing music industry. With her shoulders carrying the responsibility to fulfill her mother’s ambitions, Skylar shares the talents of her mother and had dancing and singing as her major hobbies while growing up. However, since entering her late teens, she has been inclined toward making her hobby her dream and working towards it.

Starting to make a mark in the industry already, the up-and-coming star releases music on her YouTube channel regularly, under her artist name “PBS Fee Fee.” With her supportive mother, Sky, as her manager and biggest cheerleader, Skylar has a bright future ahead of her as she has a loving mother who will always be rooting for her in everything she does. However, there are some oddities in their otherwise wholesome relationship, which the two showcase in TLC’s ‘sMothered.’

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