sMothered Season 1-4: Where Are They Now?

TLC’s ‘sMothered’ unravels the intricacies of mother-daughter dynamics in fresh and compelling ways. It immerses the audience in the lives of diverse duos, witnessing their shared joys and navigating the challenges that arise when boundaries blur. As the seasons unfolded, the audience was treated to a mosaic of heartwarming moments and eyebrow-raising revelations, leaving them eager to know where these unique pairs find themselves today, beyond the lens of reality television. 

It’s this intrigue that adds an extra layer to the ‘sMothered’ experience, extending beyond the confines of the screen. As fans eagerly await updates on the lives of their favorite pairs, the show’s legacy becomes more than just a reality TV series; it becomes a shared journey of exploration and connection. Now, let’s delve into where these pairs are today, discovering how their journeys have evolved since the cameras stopped rolling. 

Where are Mariah McCovy and Sandra Johnson McCovy Now?

In the whirlwind world of ‘sMothered,’ where the bonds between mothers and daughters reach unprecedented heights, one dynamic duo has continued to captivate audiences with their inseparable connection. Mariah McCovy and her mother, Sandra Johnson McCovy, have taken the notion of mother-daughter activities to uncharted territories, proving that their love knows no bounds. In a revelation that left viewers stunned, Sandra and Mariah spilled the beans about their unconventional dating lives.

“We go on double dates together — we must approve of each other’s dates!!” Sandra exclaimed. Talk about a tight-knit relationship! According to a candid interview with the NY Post, Sandra shared, “I’ve had guys that I tried to date tell me that our bond seemed too strong for there to be room for anyone else. So I would dismiss them.” Amidst the peculiar dating escapades, Mariah’s dad, Adam McCovy, a comedian, remains in the picture despite her parents’ divorce. Mariah has a sister, Channely, who’s making waves in the music scene as a singer.

But it’s the McCovy matriarchs who stole the spotlight during their brief stint, even going so far as to undergo a simultaneous boob job, an intimate moment that showcased their unique closeness. Post-show, Mariah’s Instagram has become a visual feast for fans, thanks to her impeccable fashion sense and trendy outfits. Beyond the glam, she’s also delving into academics, earning her spot at the prestigious Meters College of Nursing at New York University in 2021. Sandra, a powerhouse in the real estate realm, beams with pride as she regularly shares updates about her accomplished daughters.

Where are Cristina Bertolli and Kathy Crispino Now?

The unforgettable Mamma Mia duo, Cristina Bertolli and Kathy Crispino continue to charm audiences with their unique and unapologetically close relationship. Having graced the screens in seasons 1 through 5, this mother-daughter pair has become a staple on the show. Kathy Crispino, known for her candid perspective on their bond, has remained steadfast in defending the intensity of her relationship with Cristina. She eloquently questioned societal norms, asserting that if people want to see their husbands every day, why wouldn’t they want the same with their children?

This perspective has been a defining element of their dynamic, resonating with fans who appreciate the authenticity of their connection. As their lives unfolded off-screen, Cristina and Kathy faced the usual challenges and joys of family life. In season 2, when Cristina’s home was undergoing renovations, she temporarily moved in with her husband, Carlo Bertolli, and their children, creating a blend of family dynamics that showcased their adaptability and unity.

Tragically, Kathy’s husband, Joseph Michael Crispino, passed away in 2019 at the age of 76. The loss brought a poignant touch to their journey, underscoring the resilience of the Crispino family. Kathy, ever vivacious and embracing the lighter moments in life, continues to share her adventures and enjoyment of life on social media. Meanwhile, Cristina, a former dance instructor, navigates the challenges and joys of being a wife to Carlo and a mother of three children — Cross, Ciamarie, and Caramia.

In their journey, according to the New York Post, Kathy has taken on a role in her daughter’s business ventures. She lends a helping hand to Christina and her son-in-law Carlo in their pizzeria business, Chicago Pizzahoy, showcasing the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Where are Angelica Michaux and Sunhe Dapron Now?

The magnetic mother-daughter duo, Sunhe Dapron, and Angelica Michaux continue to weave a story that’s as unique as their bond. Featured across seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4, this Las Vegas pair shares more than just living quarters; they’ve made sharing the same bed and even bathwater a testament to their extraordinary closeness, a revelation they candidly shared with the New York Post. Sunhe, a force in the beauty industry, serves as a cosmetics manager at Amorepacific, but it’s her role in Angelica’s love life that truly made waves.

In the tangled web of Angelica’s relationship with Jason, Sunhe played a pivotal part, even joining the couple on dates. The duo faced a significant hurdle when Jason’s lingering divorce status threatened their engagement during the season 1 finale. Sunhe, true to her protective instincts, intervened, but after the legal dust settled, she bestowed her blessings on the couple’s journey, especially with the arrival of Amara, their granddaughter. As season 2 unfolded, Sunhe navigated the complexities of her long-distance relationship with Brett.

Despite ups and downs, including a breakup in December 2022, Brett and Sunhe found their way back to each other, culminating in a heartwarming proposal during season 3. Beyond the screen, their love story thrives, evidenced by the charming pictures they share with fans, celebrating the strength of their bond. However, life threw unexpected challenges at Sunhe as she coped with the loss of both her adoptive parents. In a poignant moment, she shared the news with gratitude for the positives in her life.

The mother-daughter duo, now closer than ever, continues to captivate fans with a joint social media account, offering glimpses into their everyday moments, family escapades, and the enduring strength of their extraordinary connection. The journey for Sunhe and Angelica unfolds as a tapestry of love, resilience, and the beauty of shared moments.

Where are Cher Hubsher Gopman and Dawn Hubsher Now?

Cher Hubsher Gopman and Dawn Hubsher continue to redefine the boundaries of closeness, making waves across seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4. Dawn, the multitasking matriarch, works as the office manager at her family’s healthcare business, Hubsher Health Care. Married to Mason Hubsher, a dental hygienist, Dawn is not just Cher’s mom; she’s also a mother to Grant Hubsher, who graced screens on season 13 of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and Chad Hubsher, preferring a life away from the limelight.

On the flip side, Cher, a certified nurse and life coach, embarked on a new venture, establishing her date coaching business in the bustling heart of New York City. Married to Jared, a plastic surgeon at the Laufer Institute, Cher is now a proud mother to their daughter, Belle. Despite geographical distances, Cher and Dawn’s bond remains unbreakable. They’ve always shared a penchant for matching outfits, and in an interview with The List, Cher revealed that Dawn drove a staggering 22 hours to lend a helping hand with her baby.

Taking their extraordinary connection to new heights, Cher and Dawn co-authored the book A Bond That Lasts Forever, a testament to their unique relationship. Delving into the world of podcasts, they launched the “Chattermouth Podcast,” offering insights into their dynamic lives. Cher has seamlessly embraced motherhood, relocating with Jared to Florida and finding solace in the proximity to her mom.

Beyond the confines of the show, Cher and Dawn’s charm has graced the pages of numerous magazines, showcasing the allure of their special connection. Their collaborative ventures extend to the realm of YouTube, where they share snippets of their lives, creating a digital haven for fans. The journey for Cher and Dawn unfolds as a tapestry of love, professional pursuits, and the timeless beauty of their intertwined lives, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who’ve followed their extraordinary story.

Where are Brittani Cooper and Mary Rose Colombo Now?

Mary Rose Colombo and Brittani Cooper took center stage during season 2, leaving an indelible mark on fans with their extraordinary closeness. Their bond, showcased through shared experiences like plastic surgery, tanning, colonics, shopping sprees, and massages, is nothing short of exceptional. Mary, a former Licensed Private Investigator at Glenn J Cooper Detective Agency Inc., turned 59 in 2023 but defies age with her timeless grace. In season 2, she revealed her love for Frank Canuto, whom she married after the show ended.

Tragically, Frank succumbed to cancer in 2020, but Mary keeps his memory alive through frequent social media posts expressing her deep love and longing for him. Brittani, facing the challenges of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) during her upbringing, found solace in her close-knit relationship with her mother. Despite societal challenges, they faced criticism, notably from PewDiePie, due to their unparalleled closeness. Brittani underwent gastric sleeve surgery and pursued a career as a correctional officer.

Fast forward to season 5, where Mary and Brittani make a triumphant return, offering fans a fresh perspective on their lives. The premiere revealed Mary’s protective instincts kicking in as she expresses doubts about Brittani’s boyfriend, TJ. Mary takes matters into her own hands, going to extremes by utilizing surveillance cameras in every room to keep an eye on him. Mary’s enduring love for Frank and Brittani’s determination in the face of health issues and societal criticism showcase the strength of their connection.

Where are Sarah Fleischer and Laurie Fleischer Now?

The spotlight once shone on Laurie Leigh and Sarah Fleischer during season 2, painting a poignant picture of their remarkably close relationship. During the show, the duo laid bare the dynamics of their bond, with Sarah assuming the role of caregiver, taking charge of most motherly duties as Laurie faced health challenges. Their journey into this exceptionally tight-knit connection unfolded when Laurie, fearing the loss of Sarah due to health conditions, sought to create an unbreakable bond.

Monsters and Critics revealed that Laurie’s anxiety over her health led to an overly close relationship, intensified by a childhood incident where Sarah saved her mother from a diabetic episode. The show, while endearing to some, sparked discomfort among viewers, evident in the comments on YouTube clips. Sarah took a stride into the modeling world, associating herself with Alexa Model & Talent Agency. In a beautiful twist to their story, Sarah married her then-boyfriend Miguel in May 2023, fulfilling Laurie’s heartfelt wish for a wedding while she could still actively participate in the planning and celebrations.

Where are Alena Galan and Marcia Galan Now?

Marcia Galan and Alena Galan graced season 2 with their unique and inseparable bond. Alena, the adoptive daughter, navigates life with grace despite facing the challenges of MPS VI, a rare genetic disease. Beyond her health journey, Alena shines as a Cadet Girl Scout Recipient and a dedicated participant in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Their on-screen revelation about Marcia assuming the role of a “puppy” for Alena stirred public opinions, drawing criticism.

However, in an interview with Pop Culture, the duo shrugged off the negativity, emphasizing the strength of their bond. “We don’t have a strange bond. However, we do have a strong bond. Having fun and acting silly at the appropriate time is just between us,” Marcia affirmed, brushing off the skeptics with laughter. Since 2021, Alena has emerged as a force in the world of fashion as a Runway of Dreams Fashion Model for Adaptive Clothing, strutting her stuff at New York Fashion Week.

Her academic journey speaks volumes, having earned a BS in Marketing and Communications and completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Quinnipiac University. Alena’s achievements go beyond the runway as she holds the esteemed title of Ambassador of the New England Music Hall of Fame, a testament to her diverse talents. As we reflect on their journey, it’s clear that Alena’s accomplishments are a testament to her resilience and the unwavering support of her mother, Marcia.

Where are Carina DeAngelo and Amy DeAngelo Now?

Amy DeAngelo and Carina DeAngelo, who appeared in season 3, continue to enthrall audiences with their inseparable bond. Their mother-daughter connection, bordering on the unconventional, involves joint showers, sharing the same bed, and even swapping undergarments, a testament to the depth of their closeness. Post-show, Carina has been carving her path in the music industry after making a memorable appearance on ‘American Idol’ season 21. Before her musical pursuits, she owned a meatball business aptly named My Balls.

Image Credit: Amy DeAngelo/Facebook

Recent updates reveal that Carina bid farewell to Dallas and is embarking on a new chapter in California to further her career in music. The specifics of her new residence remain a mystery, but fans eagerly await the next chapter in her journey, wishing her the best in this exciting endeavor. Amy, on the other hand, seems to have found love again in the arms of Paul Philpott. While she has kept details of her past relationships under wraps, fans are intrigued by this new development.

The dynamics of Amy’s love life unfold as an intriguing subplot in their journey. Adding another layer to their story, Amy is also a mother to a son named Cam, who has chosen to serve in the US Navy. The DeAngelo family continues to navigate life’s twists and turns, with each member pursuing their unique paths while cherishing the unbreakable ties that bind them together.

Where are Rykia Lewis and Karla McCoy Now?

The duo of Rykia Lewis and Karla McCoy, who captured hearts in their season, continue to share a unique and undeniably close bond that goes beyond conventional mother-daughter relationships. Their revelation about watching each other’s sex tapes brought a new level of openness to the show, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of their connection. Karla, a pillar of support for Rykia since becoming a mother of Idris at 16, stepped into a surprising and heartwarming role as a surrogate.

The duo navigated this unique journey together, capturing the hearts of viewers. After this touching chapter, Rykia welcomed her second child in 2022, a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte, expanding their family dynamic. On the other side of this captivating story, Karla McCoy has not only been a loving mother but also a fitness enthusiast. As a certified weight-loss specialist and transformation life coach with Savvy Tusker Fitness and Lifestyle, she shares her passion for a healthy lifestyle with a wider audience.

Karla’s notable presence has extended to the pages of VoyageSTL Magazine, showcasing her dedication to fitness and well-being. After the show, Karla has remained active on social media, using her platform to expand her business and reach a broader audience. Their journey is a testament to the power of family, resilience, and embracing the unconventional with love.

Where are Lauren Reese and Lisa Kimball Now? 

Lauren Reese and Lisa Kimball from seasons 3 and 4 etched their unique story, one that unfolded with twists and turns, love, and heartache. During their time on the show, Lisa, in a gesture of profound maternal support, assisted Lauren in an intimate, at-home attempt at artificial insemination behind her former wife Laura Leigh’s back. The outcome of this venture remains unclear, but the aftermath marked the birth of their daughter, Raegan.

Lauren, opening up about her struggles with infertility, embarked on a journey to raise awareness, sharing her story in the hope of supporting others facing similar challenges. Since their time on the show, their lives have taken unexpected turns. Lauren, a finance relationship consultant, and Lisa working at BOE-TEL Communications alongside her husband Kenny, saw their fan following soar. However, speculations arose as Laura and Lauren seemed to refrain from posting pictures together, prompting fans to inquire about their relationship status. It was then revealed that they were no longer together.

The separation took a tumultuous turn, with Lauren accusing Laura of domestic violence and abuse on social media. In a post, Lauren detailed instances of alleged threats and aggression. Laura, in response, denied the accusations, maintaining their separation was mutual. Amidst the storm, Lauren found solace in new love, embracing a relationship with Brittany Chelette. Despite the challenges and public scrutiny, the focus shifted towards the little bundle of joy, Raegan.  Criticism became a backdrop as they navigated their path forward, choosing to center their attention on the well-being of their family.

Where are Shay Brunat and Angie Hebner Now?

Angie Hebner and her daughter Shay Brunat made waves in season 4 with their intimate and unique relationship. Shay, bravely coming out as a trans woman, navigated the complexities of identity under the watchful and loving eye of her mother. Angie has maintained a degree of privacy about her personal life, but what is known is that she is happily married to her husband, Brian Hebner, whom she met in 2004, and the couple exchanged vows in 2010. Angie has carved out a professional niche for herself, working as a Consultant at Paparazzi Accessories and simultaneously steering the ship as the owner and head stylist of Enjenuz Designz.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her work showcase the multifaceted aspects of her life. On the other side, Shay Brunat has become a TikTok celebrity, leveraging the platform to share her experiences and connect with a broader audience. Her journey as a trans woman, coupled with her vibrant personality, has garnered attention and support from viewers.

The journey of Angie and Shay unfolds as a tapestry of love, acceptance, and personal growth. Shay’s emergence as a TikTok influencer reflects her resilience and the power of sharing one’s authentic self with the world. Meanwhile, Angie continues to balance her roles as a wife, mother, and successful professional, showcasing the evolving dynamics of their relationship.

Where are Ashley Hefner and Cathy Ellison Now?

In the captivating saga of ‘sMothered,’ the duo of Ashley Hefner and Cathy Ellison known for sharing six tattoos, living next door to each other, and even having a history of dating the same guy, became fan favorites. Since her time on the show, Cathy has seamlessly transitioned into a life centered around family. The quintessential grandma, she not only has her daughter Ashley but also another daughter, Samantha, a son named Cameron, and five delightful grandchildren.

Cathy’s world revolves around the joys of family life, embracing the roles of mother and grandmother with evident happiness. On the other side of this captivating story, Ashley is back to her normal life, navigating the intricacies of family dynamics. As the curtains close on their show journey, Ashley and Cathy return to the familiar comforts of everyday life, enriched by the experiences shared on the show.

Where are Paula Contento and Francia Peña Now?

Paula Contento and Francia Peña made history as the first Latinas to join the show, bringing their unique and close-knit bond to the forefront in season 4. The duo, known for their shared love of hanging out and cooking while eschewing clothes, captivated viewers with their warmth and authenticity. During the show, a somber note entered their life as Francia shared the passing of her sister, leading her to undertake the heartwarming responsibility of adopting her young niece, Alejandre.

Anxious but eager to embrace this new chapter, Francia already planned activities to make Alejandre feel at home. However, Paula, who has been an only child her entire life, grapples with concerns about sharing her mother with Alejandre. The prospect of navigating a new family dynamic makes her uneasy, emphasizing the challenges of adjusting to a shared space. Paula has embraced the role of an influencer, associating herself with Peacon Fitness.

Her deep bond with her mom is evident as she expresses the desire to spend all her hours with Francia, naked and in bed, highlighting the enduring closeness between mother and daughter. Francia, a force to be reckoned with, has held the title of Mrs. Latina Global since 2014. She has ventured into academia as an Adjunct Faculty and Career Coach at Los Angeles Southwest College, showcasing her commitment to education and mentorship. With a Leadership Certificate from the Southern California Leadership Network and an ownership role at the Colombo-American Information Office, Francia’s journey underscores her multifaceted pursuits.

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