Snowdrop Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

Directed by Jo Hyun-tak, South Korean series ‘Snowdrop’ centers around Lim Soo-ho and Eun Yeong-ro, who meet each other unexpectedly in a group blind date. Set in 1987, the first episode of the show centers around the premise of Soo-ho and Yeong-ro’s first encounter, which turns their lives around. The episode also focuses on the startling secrets about Soo-ho and ends with an astounding cliffhanger concerning the fate of the charming graduate. If you are trying to decode the ambiguous ending of the premiere episode, we are here to guide you! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowdrop Episode 1 Recap

The premiere episode begins in 1987, as Eun Yeong-ro, an English literature freshman at Hosu Women’s University, receives a call from her grandmother to meet her. Meanwhile, Nam Tae-il, secretary-general of Aemin Party, and Eun Chang-su, the Director of Agency for National Security Planning (ANSP), try their best to appease the President for superiority in the party. Tae-il and Chang-su brief the President about Operation Pheonix, which was sanctioned for abducting Professor Han I-seop, the mastermind of the opposition party. Chang-su informs the president that once the operation finishes, the party will make the abduction look like the act of North Korea to spread rumors that the opposition party is run by the North.

In ANSP’s headquarters, agent Lee Gang-mu briefs other agents about the mysterious Taedong River 1 and proclaims that they should catch the North Korean spy before he accomplishes his mission in Seoul. Agent Han-na, who possibly has a history with Gang-mu, joins the agent’s team to catch the spy. After a night out, Yeong-ro sneaks into the university dorm without the knowledge of her matron. Oh Gwang-tae calls the women’s university dorm to arrange a group blind date with the inmates of room 207. Yeong-ro accepts Bun-ok’s request to join them for the date and Gwang-tae asks Soo-ho to join as well.

At the group date, Soo-ho and Yeong-ro encounter each other and the latter tries her best to choose Soo-ho as her partner. However, Bun-ok chooses Soo-ho as her partner ahead of Yeong-ro. A disappointed Yeong-ro leaves her date, spends time at a music store, and runs into Soo-ho, who buys her a cassette she couldn’t afford to buy. As Soo-ho walks, he sees police officers and hides from them with the help of Yeong-ro.

Snowdrop Episode 1 Ending: Who is Lim Soo-ho? Is Lim Soo-ho Dead or Alive?

Lim Soo-ho is a North Korean spy who is known by the code name “Taedong River 1.” He is investigated by Lee Gang-mu and ANSP and that’s the reason why he hides from the police when he meets Yeong-ro outside the music store. Soo-ho tells his friends that he graduated from the University of Berlin and is doing his master’s thesis while living in Seoul. However, Soo-ho is an agent who worked for the North in Germany without even caring about the German intelligence agencies. Even though Gang-mu tried to capture him in the past, Soo-ho succeeded in escaping from him.

When Gang-mu investigates Professor Han in suspicion of helping Taedong River 1 in Seoul, he comes across Soo-ho, who spends his time with the professor frequently. When Agent Han-na finds out that Soo-ho never studied at Berlin University, Gang-mu realizes that Taedong River 1 is none other than Soo-ho. The spy is brought to Seoul to bring Professor Han over to North Korea. His operation fails when his car gets hit by another vehicle as ANSP agents close in on him. He leaves his unresponsive comrades and Professor Han in the car and flees the scene.

Even though Soo-ho is shot, he isn’t dead. After getting shot, he flees to the Hosu Women’s University dorm and manages to get into room 207. As Gang-mu and other agents continue the search of the dorm, Yeong-ro finds him before the agents could capture him. Although Soo-ho is unconscious, he is alive and since he is under the watch of Yeong-ro, we can expect him to get better in the upcoming episode with her assistance.

Do Soo-ho and Yeong-ro Get Together?

Ever since Soo-ho and Yeong-ro meet each other, they succeed in creating sparks in the other. Even on the group date, Soo-ho anticipates Yeong-ro to select him as her partner and Yeong-ro really wishes to do the same. However, Bun-ok comes in between and chooses Soo-ho, disappointing both of them. Yet they meet each other again in a music store and their wish to date the other returns to them. Soo-ho buys a cassette Yeong-ro couldn’t afford and musters the courage to ask her out for a dinner.

But Soo-ho sees one of his comrades in a car nearby and realizes that he cannot indulge in a romantic relationship while on a dangerous duty. He remembers that he should be committing himself to his mission and a romance that demands his attention may compromise himself and the mission. Even when Yeong-ro indirectly invites him to date, he prevents himself from showing up.

Yeong-ro, on the other hand, is convinced that she is in love with Soo-ho. She rejoices about the opportunity to meet him at the coffee shop and expresses her disappointment when he doesn’t arrive. Soo-ho’s re-entry into Yeong-ro’s life after six months will propel their initial interest in each other. Even though the coveted North Korean spy may have his own reservations against pursuing a romantic relationship, his desire to date Yeong-ro is expected to return to him as she possibly saves him from death.

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