Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Snowpiercer and Big Alice find it difficult to co-exist in the light of the new hope. Melanie deboards the train for her stint at the weather station to gather more information regarding the status of Earth’s temperature. It leaves a big gap on Snowpiercer as Mr. Wilford plans to wrest control of both the trains and project himself as the savior. Moreover, his return in flesh and blood has changed the tidings in Snowpiercer’s society. Some members are loyal to Mr. Wilford, and when his enigma translates into the real, there is a massive shift in the power dynamics.

Layton’s revolution is still frivolous, but Josie’s arrival has provided an impetus to the tailies and renewed their struggle for survival. Till has a tough time dealing with the pressure of her new role as the train’s detective. Episode 4 of ‘Snowpiercer’ season 2 explores the power dynamics and delves into the characters’ stories and their association with Mr. Wilford. We decided to delve into the important plot points of the episode. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Mr. Wilford is willing to treat frostbite patients and sends this news to Layton through Ruth. Layton, being wary of Mr. Wilford’s disposition, is apprehensive of the situation and doubts his motives. Till visits the night car and breaks down because of the immense pressure that entails from her investigation. Meanwhile, Layton tries to persuade Audrey to regain the trust of Mr. Wilford. He believes that this might be one way to infiltrate Mr. Wilford’s thoughts and possibly gain leverage on him.

Audrey is reluctant to do so because of her traumatic past with Mr. Wilford. She doesn’t want to endure the pain anymore but reluctantly agrees to do so. Layton and Audrey send a dinner invitation to Mr. Wilford. Mr. Wilford agrees to the invitation, and he decides to take three of his staff members along with him. The doctors aboard Big Alice are allowed to treat frostbite patients as Layton brings Josie for her treatment. Josie is later reunited with Miles and escorted to Big Alice for her treatment as the tailies watch on.

Ruth is miffed at the lack of trust shown by Layton and confides in Zarah. Meanwhile, the party has started: Audrey takes center stage and invites Mr. Wilford for some lone time. Alex and LJ Folger bond at the party and spend time together. On the other hand, we see that Melanie has survived the Freeze and sends an approving signal. It is evident in the end that the meeting with Mr. Wilford has taken a toll on Audrey.

Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: What is the Connection between Audrey and Mr. Wilford?

‘A Single Trade’ gives us a prolonged view of the Night Car, which has slowly evolved into a place of redemption. It is an embellished place that balances the dichotomy of sin and penance. Audrey has been the charm of the place and holds the environment of the Night Car together. She has been a voice of reason, and Layton tries to coax her into infiltrating the machinations of Mr. Wilford. Audrey has a long past with Mr. Wilford as she was his love interest and can probably upend his power relations.

Mr. Wilford agrees to the invitation as there is a longing in him to meet with Audrey. Mr. Wilford exercises the same control as he had on Kevin, which is visible when he caresses the scar on Audrey’s wrist. Even though it is not shown in detail, the restrained conversations depict their shady past. We see fissures in Mr. Wilford’s disposition, as is evident from his interaction with Audrey. The effects of pain and pleasure have lingered on both of them, and their food fetish can perhaps hold a clue to their strange relationship and lead Audrey into the inner workings of Mr. Wilford. Layton’s plan seems to work as of now, as Audrey is the chink in Mr. Wiford’s armor.

The Future of the Revolution

There is a massive distrust among the trains’ occupants, which threatens to light the powder keg of war. With Melanie’s departure, everyone is eager for the news of weather balloons but, at the same time, is torn between their loyalty towards Layton and Mr. Wilford. Both of the leaders, if we may call them that, are trying to outdo each other by attacking their weaknesses. Layton cleverly employs Audrey, whereas Mr. Wilford opens his door for treating frostbite patients. Josie is escorted to Big Alice, and in the end, we see Mr. Wilford watching her pensively.

It is possible that he knows about Layton’s and Josie’s past from his followers in Snowpiercer. Josie’s resurgence has also enthused her followers, which can perhaps be tapped in by Mr. Wilford to change the course of the revolution. Alex and LJ’s friendship is an interesting sub-plot, and it remains to be seen how it transpires in the presence of Mr. Wilford. In essence, everyone is against difficult odds and struggling to find relevance in the affairs of the conjoined trains. No developments are unilateral: there is an exchange involved at every step. In this light, the revolution might resurface as ‘Snowpiercer’ slowly inch towards a power vacuum.

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