Soda Thompson: Survivor Contestant is a Special Education Teacher

‘Survivor’ is a longstanding television series that premiered on CBS in 2000. It focussed on the lives of several castaways as they attempted to navigate themselves using the bare minimum on a secluded island. Season 46 of the hit show premiered in 2024 and like several of the previous seasons, is held in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands. Sodasia ‘Soda’ Thompson is one of the castaways to join the show as a part of the Nami tribe. Smart, empathetic, and determined, Soda is one of the most talented individuals to grace the show this season. Here’s all that we know about her.

Soda Thompson Has Studied Vocal Jazz For a Year at University

Soda Thompson was born on April 4, 1996, in Long Island, New York. She did her Advanced Regents Diploma from Bay Shore High School. Thereafter, she pursued a course on vocal jazz for a year, from 2014 to 2015, at Hofstra University. Soda earned her Bachelor of Arts in Entertainment and Media Management from the State University of New York at Purchase or Purchase College, SUNY.

Upon completion of her degree, Soda forayed into the professional world. She took up a stint as a Programming Specialist at Trail Blazer Camps in 2017 and slowly worked her way up to a Recess Coordinator/Site Director. Thereafter, she decided to focus on special education, starting with the role of a Special Education Teacher at VOICE Charter School in 2019. As of Jul 2023, Soda has been teaching at Banyan School.

Soda Thompson Gradually Found Her Way to Teaching Children

Soda Thompson was originally quite against working with kids as a youngster due to his dysfunctional, tumultuous youth. Since she didn’t like herself much, she didn’t like kids either. However, a chance of fate made her realize that working with students was highly therapeutic and healing. Now, after having been associated with kids for so long, she can’t imagine herself not working with them. She provides them with communication skills and enables them to advocate for themselves. Soda works with them to teach them to be independent.

Soda grew up in a dysfunctional household. The person who raised her was dealing with mental health issues. She never knew her father as he battled with addiction. Her biological mother also struggled with addiction. This was why she had found a way to educate herself and find a way to make her own. This was when she discovered a love for school and that further propelled her to get into education. Her experiences with kids are what have pushed her to give ‘Survivor’ a shot. Soda also has other intriguing hobbies, such as singing covers. Some of the famous stars she has already covered are Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga.

Soda Thompson is in a Happy and Content Marriage

Soda Thompson’s marriage has an interesting story to it. When Entertainment Weekly asked, “What risks have you taken in your life, to make a change for the better, even if the outcome wasn’t planned?” she shared that she’d chosen to get married young to Danrley Silva, a man from Brazil. The pair had only known each other for six months before getting hitched. Despite the risk involved, the marriage turned out really well, and the couple couldn’t have been happier, having celebrated six years together in 2023. Danrley is a Montessori teacher for both Trail Blazers Camps and Save the Children US.

Soda is quite proud of the life she and her husband have built together. She is content with the job she has and works hard to maintain honest and genuine relationships. She is particularly proud of the statistics and odds she has managed to overcome. She and her husband purchased their second car together and shared the happy news on her social media.

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