Sofia Carollo: Where is Summer Job Winner Now?

Netflix’s ‘Summer Job’ is an interesting TV series that follows a group of young adults who have never worked a day in their lives. While the group believes they are in Mexico to spend an extravagant holiday, the show reveals that they have to work summer jobs in order to earn their place in the house. At the end of each week, the participants receive paychecks, which, if empty, can set them up for elimination. Eventually, the last one standing goes home with significant prize money and bragging rights.

When Sofia Carollo first appeared on ‘Summer Job,’ she seemed to be quite similar to most of her co-stars, and the show portrayed her as just another affluent yet spoilt 20-year-old. However, as the season progressed, Sofia showed real development and learned how to handle commitment and responsibility. Besides, her close bond with her family members also made her stand out, and with the cameras turned away, fans are eager to know where she is at present. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Sofia Carollo’s Summer Job Journey

A resident of Centocelle, Rome, Sofia Carollo, was 20-years-old at the time of filming. She mentioned that even though she had studied cinematography and video production, she had not worked for a day in her life. Instead, she prefers to go out and party with her friends without having a care in the world. Initially, Sofia seemed ready to enjoy her vacation to the fullest and was devastated when the producers informed her about the summer job twist. Unfortunately, her unwillingness to work posed an obstacle in her way as Sofia was sent back home early from her job at a beauty salon on the very first day.

However, since that was the first time anyone had ever scolded her, Sofia took the failure to heart and worked extra hard to prove herself. In the meantime, she even built up a connection with Matthias, and the two shared a passionate kiss. Eventually, at the end of week 1, Sofia was overjoyed to have received her first full paycheck and realized how earning something by herself could boost her self-confidence and make her feel satisfied. Unfortunately, her connection with Matthias did not last long, as he revealed he was seeing someone outside of the show.

It left Sofia massively disappointed, but she refused to let a minor setback come in the way of her job. As the show progressed, the Centocelle resident learned to accept more responsibility and work as a team, which greatly impressed her bosses. Besides, unlike some of her co-stars, she refused to discriminate between jobs and gave it her all no matter what task the show assigned her. Although Sofia’s failed romance with Matthias left her pretty sad, with time, she gravitated towards her co-star Pit and began developing feelings for him.

At the same time, Sofia repaired her connection with Matthias and supported him as a true friend. Unfortunately, her never-give-up attitude and recent successes made some of her co-stars quite envious. At one point in time, it seemed like she would be consumed by anxiety. However, a quick video chat with her grandparents injected new life into the Centocelle native, and she breezed her way into the finale and went on to be crowned the winner.

Sofia Carollo is Living With Her Family in Rome Today

Since the wrap-up of the filming for ‘Summer Job,’ Sofia Carollo fell back into her daily routine, albeit with a renewed vigor to take on more responsibility and help her family. In fact, on the show, she mentioned that she would use the prize money to support her mother in running the family and would try extra hard to make her loved ones proud. Besides, Sofia also talked about the importance of earning something and revealed that she would never have felt the same joy when receiving something easily.

At present, Sofia resides in Centocelle, Rome, with her family and takes up occasional modeling jobs. Besides, even though it looks like her relationship with Pit did not last, she has maintained a close bond with most of her ‘Summer Job’ castmates. Sadly it is unclear if Sofia has taken up a specific profession after her time on the show, but with the lessons she learned on ‘Summer Job,’ we are confident that she will find further success in the near future.

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