Samuele Mastrangelo: Where is Summer Job Runner-up Now?

Netflix’s ‘Summer Job’ is an interesting reality show that follows a group of affluent yet spoilt young adults who arrive at a swanky villa in Mexico believing they are about to spend a luxurious holiday. However, herein lies the twist as they discover they have to work in order to earn their stay at the house. At the end of each week, each participant will get a paycheck, which, being empty, will put them in danger of elimination. Eventually, the last person standing will be crowned the winner and offered a significant sum of money.

While Samuele Mastrangelo appeared to be a spoilt 19-year-old who was only interested in living the good life and finding a summer romance, he was the one who arguably changed the most over the course of the season. Everyone was surprised when the person who failed to turn up in the proper work attire at the beginning of the experience ended up getting the most gold paychecks for exceptional commitment to work. Hence, with fans naturally curious to know more about Samuele’s present whereabouts, we decided to jump in and come up with answers!

Samuele Mastrangelo’s Summer Job Journey

Originally from Cuneo, Piedmont, in Northern Italy, Samuele Mastrangelo is the son of retired Italian national volleyball player Luigi Mastrangelo. While the latter’s incredible skills on the volleyball pitch made him quite a fortune, Samuele, who was 19 at the time of filming, revealed how he hated work and wanted to spend every second in comfort and luxury. In fact, Samuele did not want to waste time doing something he had no interest in when he could go out to party and even indulge in a bit of romance.

Since the Cuneo resident joined the show intending to have fun, he began gravitating toward his co-star, Lavinia, and the two shared a passionate kiss on the very first day. Interestingly, Pit was also pretty interested in Lavinia, but Samuele did not consider him a competitor as he was certain Lavinia would fall for his charms. When the host, Matilde Gioli, revealed the farce and introduced the rules of the show on the second day, Samuele, much like his co-stars, was distraught by the idea of working. He initially claimed he would take his assignments casually and quit at the first sign of trouble.

Besides, Samuele also seemed quite unsure about proper work etiquette as he often talked back to his bosses, wore the wrong work attire, and even turned up late on quite a few occasions. His unwillingness to accept responsibility cost him dearly, as he ended up with an empty paycheck at the end of week 2. However, that brought about a sudden change in the Cuneo native as once faced with elimination, Samuele realized he had to put in an effort if he wanted to endure. Hence, when he survived the elimination vote, he began working with renewed vigor and shone at most of his jobs.

Samuele even went on to earn several gold paychecks for extra commitment and was pretty proud of his progress. Eventually, the 19-year-old found himself fighting with Sofia Carollo for the crown but realized that the journey was worth more than the prize. He was pretty grateful to the show for providing him with an opportunity to prove his worth and was delighted when Sofia was finally declared the winner.

Samuele Mastrangelo is Enjoying His Life Today

From the looks of it, Samuele Mastrangelo returned to his everyday routine after the filming for ‘Summer Job’ ended and is currently enjoying life with friends and family. Although he prefers to be his own boss, the show taught him the importance of taking responsibility and obeying rules. Hence, while Samuele still earns a living as a Bitcoin trader, he has taken the show’s values to heart, making him even more successful.

However, through it all, the Cuneo native hasn’t lost his love for partying and is always up for a good time. Unfortunately, with no reports on his dating life and limited interaction over social media, we believe Samuele’s relationship with Lavinia did not stand the test of time. Still, it was wonderful to witness his personality development on the show, and we wish him the very best for the years to come.

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