Review: Space Force Season 1 Episode 2

While the first episode of ‘Space Force’ was about setting the boundaries for the characters and giving us a taste of the absurdity of the situation, the second episode takes this one step further. While the Space Force is yet to send their astronauts to space, an emergency requires them to call upon the services of the ones who are already there. However, these are not your everyday astronauts. They have a unique skill set, and Naird has to figure out if it can save his satellite.

Space Force Episode 2 Recap

Naird and Mallory try to revel in the successful launch of Epsilon 6, but they are thrown into another fit when a Chinese satellite tears apart its solar panels. They have a very short window of time to get the panels back together; otherwise, they will drift away from each other, and all their efforts will have been in vain.

A brainstorming session begins, and everyone presents their theories about the most logical course of action. However, when nothing seems to work out, a strange possibility presents itself to Naird. A previous project comes to their attention. A pod had been sent to space with a chimpanzee named Marcus and a dog named Bernard on board. As the humans on the Earth try to figure out some scientific method to save the day, Naird decides to take his chances with the chimpstronaut.

Despite not being trained for space, Marcus shows surprising aptitude for following orders, but things take a drastic turn when a minor mistake ruins everything, and a disturbing fact about Marcus and Bernard’s time together comes to light.

Space Force Episode 2 Review

When everything goes haywire, and nothing seems to work, there is only one thing that Naird thinks can set everything right: a bomb. No matter what the situation, there is no problem that can’t be solved by dropping a bomb. So, when a Chinese satellite breaks apart Epsilon 6, Naird suggests they use a bomb, though he has no idea where to throw it and what exactly this action will achieve in context to their present needs. Fortunately, Mallory knocks some sense into him and deflects his idea by focusing on something else.

This difference in their approach paints a very accurate picture of how people in positions of power typically approach problems. There is barely any need to point out the names of the head of states who have threatened another war because they don’t see any other way around the problem. This “if you want to save the world, destroy it” approach is highly villainous and has already caused more trouble than it was worth in the past.

Slipping such things in the humor of the new military division of the country gives a sensible weightage to the show. The difference between Mallory and Naird is highlighted even further, and despite their struggle to find a middle ground, we sense a camaraderie between them, which helps us set apart Mark Naird from a certain unnamed individual in the series.

Instead of showing Naird as a complete buffoon who doesn’t think twice before making decisions, ‘Space Force’ adds multiple dimensions to his character. He is dedicated to his job, but he also wants to be more present for his daughter and shows unwavering dedication to his wife, despite their complicated situation. He might serve up some odd ideas, and even acts upon them, but that’s more of a testimony to the pressure that he is under rather than a complete caricature of his character.

This episode also comments on the use and abandonment of animals for our endeavors and then uses it in a very peculiar manner to induce humor in the situation. The incredible cast of the show pulls off the scene, which would have otherwise felt farcical. This strange mix of silliness and sensibility gives an edge to ‘Space Force’. Considering the strange world we live in, these ridiculous things don’t seem so far-fetched.

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