Spelunky 2: Everything We Know

A true indie success story, 2008’s kaleidoscopic ‘Spelunky’ is admittedly not the type of game crying out for a sequel. The original was a game with a limited scope, albeit masterfully executed. So it was a bit of a surprise when creator Derek Yu revealed that ‘Spelunky 2’ was in the works in late 2017. Where does the series head from the original ‘Spelunky’? What can we expect from ‘Spelunky 2’? Read on to find out everything we know.

Spelunky 2: Plot and Gameplay

The original ‘Spelunky’ first came out in 2008 on PC. It is a unique platforming game that offers procedurally generated, randomized levels every time the player starts a new game. You play as an intrepid adventurer searching for long-lost treasure inside a mysterious temple. You are armed with your own improvised ladders and explosive bombs to destroy parts of the fully destructible environment.

‘Spelunky’ is presented from a 2D perspective, with the player tasked with exploring tunnels and gathering treasures while dodging the myriad traps and enemies inside the temple. The in game levels themselves can be categorized into four distinct areas of varying difficulty, each with its own set of enemies, items, terrain types and special features. Naturally, the more difficult areas contain more valuable treasures, secret locations and items.

Spelunky is a Roguelite game, which means that every time your player falls into a trap and dies, you must start all the way back from the beginning. Besides traps, the threats in the game include various animals including bats, snakes, spiders, yeti, man-eating plants and ghosts. The combat mostly consists of whipping or jumping on enemies, or by chucking items at them such as bombs.

There are also many collectible items along the way such as jewels that add to the player score, bombs, guns and rare archaeological artifacts. These artifacts often possess supernatural abilities that give the player character a benefit in game. The items may also be purchased from shopkeepers all around the game world.

‘Spelunky’ features a unique damsels in distress mechanic, which allows the player to pick up damsels in need of rescue who restore your health in lieu of carrying them towards an exit. Later on, once you unlock it, you can also play as the damsel in distress character, as well as another mattock wielding character called ‘Tunnel Man’. Old classics from the previous game including the Pug Damsel and the Jetpack artifact are both set to make a return in ‘Spelunky 2’.

Just like its predecessor, ‘Spelunky 2’ is a 2D Roguelite platformer. The game is set to add all kinds of new elements to the original, not the least of which is a visual overhaul with higher fidelity, better animation, liquid physics and a second layer that gives more depth to the art style. There are several new maps as well as terrain types, including a treacherous one with spilling lava and a water map where the water can sweep you off the edges and deal damage. The new maps will be accompanied by new weapon types, one of which is revealed in the trailer for the game as well – a freezing weapon of some kind

The new game also features four new playable characters including Ana Spelunky, Roffy D. Sloth, Margaret Tunnel, and Colin Northward. An orange tabby cat Damsel is a new addition as well as the new rideable mounts. This is potentially quite helpful, as you are going to be dying a lot in ‘Spelunky 2’. Being a Roguelite game, every time you die, you will have to start all over again and build from scratch.

Perhaps the single biggest addition to the franchise is the inclusion of an all new online multiplayer mode to go along with the split screen mode from the previous game, which also makes a return in ‘Spelunky 2’.

Spelunky 2 Developers: Who Are The People Behind It?

‘Spelunky 2’ is being developed by video game developer Mossmouth, the developers of the original ‘Spelunky’ game as well. Mossmouth is respected video game designer Derek Yu’s personal development studio. Yu is best known for indie side scrolling action games such as ‘Aquaria’ and ‘Eternal Daughter’.

Spelunky 2 Release Date: When And Where Can I Play It?

Although originally slated to launch in 2019 itself, the release of ‘Spelunky 2’ was pushed back earlier this year by creator Derek Yu, who claims that the game needs more time in development. There is no confirmation yet, but I would expect the game to release sometime in 2020. However, Yu has refrained from committing to that timeline just yet. Currently, the team are working towards “adding more detail, as well as increasing the contrast to make existing details pop”. This is based on the player feedback thus far.

The original game was available on multiple platforms, having been ported to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and even Chrome OS. ‘Spelunky 2’ has been confirmed for PC and PlayStation 4 uptil now, but I would expect it to arrive to other platforms as well sometime down the line.

Spelunky 2 Trailer

You can watch the reveal trailer for ‘Spelunky 2’ right here:

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