Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

In Spy Kyoushitsu 2nd Season or ‘Spy Classroom’ season 2 episode 5 titled ‘File: Glint Monika,’ Monika is tasked with a mission that could decide the success or failure of the entire impossible mission. Despite the high risks, she wants to work alone. Monika eventually manages to befriend the son of the engineer that she is supposed to investigate but she does not realize that she is about to end up in a lot of trouble. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Spy Kyoushitsu 2nd Season or ‘Spy Classroom’ Season 2 episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

After returning to the mansion, Klaus has a conversation with Grete in which he reveals that the success of the impossible mission rests on the result of Monika’s next mission. This is why, he is willing to offer her any support that she needs. Interestingly, when Grete has this conversation with Monika, the latter reveals that she wants Klaus to operate alone and does not want his help at all. The following day, she rescues a boy named Mattle, who is being bullied by three boys around his age. It turns out that his father works in a secret laboratory and Monika is tasked to gather intel about it.

After she saves Mattle, the boy is so impressed by Monika that he agrees to meet her after school. Monika notices that a man has been following her around shortly before she meets Mattle after his classes and manages to knock him out, not knowing that he is an Imperial agent at the time. Soon afterward, she goes to Mattle’s house with him, where they have a long conversation. Interestingly, Monika has put sleeping pills in his food after which Mattle gets unconscious. Shortly afterwards his father Jordan Cupca arrives.

Monika manages to corner him in his room where he confesses that the Imperial government is running illegal experiments on death row inmates. He has gathered a lot of evidence and plans to escape the country to expose its crimes. Unfortunately, the Imperial government has noticed his strange action for a while and two agents arrive at his house when he is having a conversation with Monika. Since she feels that he is solely responsible for his present situation, Monika tells him to face the consequences while she walks towards the window of the room to escape untraced.

Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Does Monika Save Mattle And His Father?

When Jordan hears the voice of Mattle in distress in distress, he is understandably startled and immediately leaves the room to check up on his son. It turns out that the Imperial counterintelligence agents have figured out that Cupca has been collecting classified information and is probably colluding with foreign intelligence groups. This theory seems legitimate in light of the recent attack on an agent who was in Mattle’s school earlier that day. Jordan tries to claim that he is innocent but his pleas fall on deaf ears as the two agents are confident that he has already betrayed his country and there is no room for further discussion.

As Monika overhears their conversation, she feels that it was Jordan’s mistake that got him into the present situation so he does not really deserve any remorse whatsoever. But as she stands on the window ready to escape, she cannot gather the courage to leave even though it’s the logical thing to do. However, she can’t immediately try to rescue the father-son duo as she is painfully aware of her limitations as an agent. Monika recalls that she has always been ordinary and does not possess special abilities like Klaus to fight in the current situation. But after a long psychological battle with herself, Monika decides to help. She shoots the only bulb in the room to make sure that her enemies cannot see her.

Unfortunately, Monika’s move does not help her much as one of the agents uses wires to tie up everyone’s hands and feet within a second. Despite being unable to see with her eyes, she claims that the wires that she has released in the room allow her to anticipate any movement. Monika is unperturbed by her warnings and still tries to attack only to get further stuck in the enemies’ dangerous trick. When her body is completely tied up, Monika uses the last trick up her sleeve.

Monika uses the small projectiles that she has been carrying with her to attack the enemy after analyzing the room using the same wires that were used against her until now. Her unexpected attack not only hurts the two agents but also catches them off-guard as they had thought that they had finally got things under control after tying her up. Eventually, she manages to take the two agents out and takes Mattle and Jordan to safety. She provides Cupca with a secret number that he can use to get the protection of the Republic. After that, she says goodbye to Mattle, who is so impressed with Monika that he now hopes to become like her someday.

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