Spy Games: Where Are the Contestants Now?

The competition-based reality television series ‘Spy Games,’ premiered in 2020 on Bravo. Mia Kang, a well-known British-Swiss fashion model and Muay Thai fighter, hosts the series with ten castmates competing for the coveted $100,000 cash prize. Drawing inspiration from the World War II government program Station S, the series aims to train and assess civilians as spies. As considerable time has passed since the series wrapped up, ardent fans of the show and the castmates can’t help but wonder where their favorite potential spies currently are.

Mitch Abrams Has Continued to Flourish as a Sports, Clinical, and Forensic Psychologist

Mitch Abrams, a professional sports psychologist, was the first castmate to get eliminated. Having previously written the book, ‘Anger Management in Sport: Understanding and Controlling Violence in Athletes,’ Mitch has chosen to focus on what he’s excelled at – counseling sports persons. Along with athletes, he has also been overseeing the mental health offerings at the New Jersey State Prison system. Mitch is the Chief Psychologist at Rutgers University for its University Correctional Healthcare.

Mitch lives with his wife and kids in Brooklyn, New York, and his organization, Learned Excellence for Athletes, looks to help sports persons, children, adolescents, and adults deal with severe anger management problems, sexual and domestic violence, trauma treatment, social issues, and the like. At the 2022 AASP, Mitch gave a talk on Real Solutions to Sexual Violence in Sport, while in January 2023, he gave a presentation on Student-Athlete Mental Health at Middletown High School. Mitch has also been working on expanding his social media presence and started being active on Instagram in 2020!

Saif Kareem Has Preferred to Stay Low-Key

Image: Total Rugby League

Saif Kareem was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. Having served in multiple wars, he managed to shift base to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2010 and started his life from scratch. He built himself a name in the entertainment industry and founded TriStallion LLC Productions to further work on the films he was screenwriting. Having previously served as a translator with the Army and worked as a personal trainer, life was slowly looking up for Saif, even as he participated in ‘Spy Games.’ However, in 2022, a Facebook page, ‘PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis,’ shared a video that showed Saif meeting a 14-year-old. After reportedly being called a sexual predator for the age gap between himself and the victim, a heated discussion ensued. Saif has since then chosen to stay away from social media and has preferred keeping a low profile. A Twitter user, however, claimed that he lives on the campus of Emerson College.

Jessica Studnicky Now Does Poetry Reading Sessions

Jessica Studnicky AKA Jessica Leigh Studd, was the third spy to get eliminated from the show. The former tech girl turned to the cannabis sector after having helped several friends and colleagues catch cheating spouses and partners red-handed. She had spoken of her goal of launching a self-sustaining and immersive plant-based healing experience on the show. While that’s still a work in progress, Jessica has started a social media page as an NFT artist, but it’s been a while since anything has been uploaded there. However, in her personal life, Jessica seems to be in a happy place. She has been dating Ian Parris, an equipment operator at the US Department of Defence, since October 2023. She has also been keeping herself busy doing poetry readings and speaking up about narcissism and abuse recovery.

Charnel Wright is Thriving in her Role as a Public Relations Consultant

Charnel Wright had a thriving career as a public relations strategist when she participated in the show. After exiting, she decided to resume focus on her profession once again. Having co-founded the public relations consulting company Wright Media, LLC in 2008, Charnel has been doing wonders at work. She also spoke of wanting to fulfill her dream of traveling. However, due to COVID-19, she was forced to keep her plans on hold. But in 2021, she decided to break the shackles of COVID restrictions and embarked on her travels. She went to Italy and covered Florence, Rome, and Milan. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, and has been actively working on her fitness. In a social media post, she spoke about running six miles on the beach every day. She also makes it a point to clear out the beaches of all the waste that’s unfortunately littered all around. Charnel’s social media posts show the kind of positive vibes and affirmations she believes in and looks to spread as well.

Nika Nour Has Been Pursuing a PhD Fellowship in Human-Computer Interaction

Nika Nour placed sixth in the show and was a young video game executive from Washington, D.C. Since her time on the show wrapped up, Nika has been focussing on her career quite a bit. She has taken up some seasonal roles over the last couple of years. While Nika serves as a Board Member of The AbleGamers Charity, she is a Summit Advisor with the Game Developers Conference. She works with the U.S. Embassy in Panama as Diplomat-EFM and Vice Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Council. She also has a profile as an Emerging Media Programming Member with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Since September 2021, she has been working full-time at Genvid Holdings Inc. as Head Of Partnerships. In September 2022, Nika earned a significant career boost as she got a Google PhD fellowship to specialize in Human-Computer Interaction. However, when it comes to her personal life, Nika, who is in a happy space with her partner Matthew, prefers to keep things private.

Colin Hutzler Has Made Massive Strides in His Professional Career

Colin Hutzler from New York City, New York, has a degree in child psychology and has spent significant time with youths, tutoring and mentoring them. Having shifted his line of work, Hutzler is now an entrepreneur who enjoys traveling the world and looks forward to making memories and having new experiences. He has extended his partnership with several businesses and initiatives over the years. In 2023, he joined two ventures in varying capacities. While he became associated with The Program NYC as an advisor, Hutzler is also the Partner and COO at Skyworx Drone Shows. The same year, he took on a full-time role as Director of Business Development at Elevated Spirits, LLC. The father of two and proud pet parent seems to be enjoying life with his boys and travels and isn’t very active on any of his social media profiles.

George Jackson is Now Maintaining a Low-Profile

George Jackson has had an intriguing life. The entrepreneur, traveler, professional driver, and environmentalist chose to leave his home in Houston, Texas, to explore life. He dropped out of college and subsequently started a security company in Israel. Having had both good and bad experiences throughout life, George knew a thing or two about finding his way around people, which is why he managed to reach the top 5. Since then, he has enjoyed quite a bit of traveling and playing polo, as some of his social media posts seem to suggest. However, it also looks like he is currently on a social media hiatus, as the last picture on his profile is from September 2022.

Chelsey Mori Has Been Enjoying Traveling the World

Having grown up in Hamilton, Ontario, Chelsey Mori was in her last year of law school at UC Berkeley School of Law when she participated in the series. With her eyes set on the prize, she reached the top 3 before eventually getting eliminated. After completing her law degree, Chelsea took up a full-time role with The Altschul Firm as an entertainment lawyer. When she’s not busy representing creators, brands, and international media companies, she enjoys setting off on her travels. With her long-term boyfriend, Liam Collins, providing the perfect company, the couple loves to document their getaways from across the world and make beautiful memories together. What’s even more heartwarming is that Chelsea often has her mother or father accompanying her on her trips, making up for more wholesome content.

Christina Randall Now Has a True Crime Show on YouTube

Social Media Influencer Christina Randall was the runner-up on the show. Having had a rough childhood, wherein she had even landed in prison for three years, Christina decided to turn her life around entirely for the sake of her husband, Jeremy, and their two sons, Jordan and Jaden. Streetsmart and hyper-vigilant, she was a force to reckon with in the series. Christina now has a YouTube channel where she hosts ‘The Christina Randall Show’ and talks about true crimes in detail.

The page has over a million followers, bearing testament to how well she’s doing in digging out every minute information on all sorts of horrific true crimes. Her show is such a massive hit that she has started an accessories and merchandise line based on it. She has another lifestyle page called Casually Christina, where she discusses all about her everyday life. She is currently working on a podcast, ‘Street Smarts Podcast,’ where she intends to give a glimpse into the lives of her family and self.

Brock Thompson is Now Working as an Emergency Room Nurse


Brock Thompson was the undisputed winner of ‘Spy Games.’ The military veteran after completing his studies at UCLA was pursuing his BSN and preparing for a career as an emergency room nurse. After his stint in the show wrapped up, Brock did end up living out his dream profession and now has a thriving career as a nurse in the emergency unit. He is very close to his team and often shares fun-filled snaps with them on his social media profile. The proud gay man has also been going steady with his partner, Jack, a fellow emergency room nurse. The couple has two adorable pet dogs. While Wally the Bernedoodle’s dad is Brock, Gryffindor Hemsworth Jeffries’ dad is Jack. The four are a crazy unit together, and their pictures stand testament to the kind of fun they have.

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